Fun Time in Tampa


On Saturday morning OSFR headed out about 5:30 am destination radio station WMNF in Tampa to participate in the live morning show “Florida Folk” with Pete Gallagher, Gary Horrell, Merideth and the Stillhouse Shakers.

WMNF’s Pete Gallagher and President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

This was a fun, laid-back hour with the “Old Time Music” (pre Blue Grass, popular in the ’20s) played by the band, informative comments from Pete, and pertinent information from Merrillee regarding hunting, cattle ranching and tree cutting in state parks,  the acquisition of Gilchrist Blue Springs as a state park,  fracking, bear hunting and more.

This may sound like a strange combination, but the mixing and mashing resulted in a great program that made everyone happy.   So much that appreciative listeners called in with unsolicited donations for OSFR which were happily accepted.  Thank you all.

As OSFR never rests, immediately upon finishing the Florida Folk show, they hurriedly headed for Orlando to participate in the state-wide anti-fracking coalition meeting.  But this is another story which we will see later.


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