Fundraiser For Florida Springs Institute, Nov. 3, 2014

OSFR would like to copy Lucinda Merritt of the Ichetucknee Alliance in making known the upcoming fundraiser of the Florida Springs Institute.  This is an event we should all support if possible as our springs and aquifer are suffering.   Here is Lucinda’s post:

Hello everyone. I am sharing this information as a courtesy to Dr. Bob Knight’s Florida Springs Institute.

If you think it’s important to have an independent, nonpolitical voice for our precious springs…if you have ever read and resonated with an opinion piece about our springs that’s been written by Bob Knight…if you think that the work Bob and the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute are doing is not only worthwhile, but essential for the future of Florida…and if you’ve ever been truly thankful that there was another opinion out there to counter the spin that’s been put on the paths that (most of) our elected officials and water managers have chosen to take with regard to our waters…now would be a REALLY good time for you to pony up the $75 that’s being asked to attend the H.T. Odum Florida Springs Institute’s Fall Fundraiser on Nov. 3.

FSI cannot do its work in a vacuum; it needs the enthusiastic support of all of us if it’s to continue to be a strong, vibrant voice for the restoration of our springs and our aquifer. And really, what could be more fun? When was the last time all of us got together, enjoyed a brew, watched a movie, and KNEW that we were helping one of the very best nonprofit groups in Florida?

H.T. Odum Florida Springs Institute Fall Fundraiser, 6-9 p.m. Monday, Nov. 3, at the Hippodrome in Gainesville. Be there or be square! See below for details.

Thank you for considering this and for helping to spread the word.
Best regards,

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