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Dear fellow outfitters and paddlers: FWC has already started a series meetings/listening sessions with paddle clubs around the state in regard to paddler issues. Becky Bragg with FPPA has made a request for info on the paddle club meetings but has been unable to secure the itinerary of the clubs meetings despite requests to FWC. Will publish paddle club meeting dates if they are shared otherwise we strongly suggest everyone go to a least one of the below sessions. If you are involved with a paddle club, try to make the paddle meeting if you find out about it.

According to the FAQ link at the bottom of the announcement that these sessions are not related to non-motorized vessel registration, we need to keep a close eye on this. In these economic times, why wouldn’t they be looking for more money? With all the state government budget cuts, FWC has the money for these face to face meetings? Be warned, non-motorized vessel registration supporters are gearing up for another round at registration for paddlers.

See you on the river.
Becky Bragg
Canoe Outpost-Peace River

 The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Office of Recreation Services and Division of Law Enforcement, Boating and Waterways Section, will be holding three listening sessions designed to learn about issues of concern to paddlers and others who use small non-motorized watercraft. The sessions will be held on the dates, times and locations listed below. The format for these sessions is a short presentation about the role and function of these two FWC programs followed by a facilitated discussion. Some of the issues FWC staff hope to learn more about include users’ perspectives on access, navigation, shared use of waterways and safety. Sessions will be designed to explore these topics and any other issues of interest to participants.

June 4th, 6:30pm – 8pm, Betty Easley Conference Center,
4075 Esplanade Way, Capital Circle Office Center, Tallahassee, 32399-0950(Click here for link to destination map)
June 15th, 6:30pm – 8pm, Fish & Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) USF campus,
KAS Auditorium, 100 8th Ave SE, St Petersburg, 33701 (Click here for link to destination map)
June 23rd, 6:30pm – 8pm, FWC South Regional Office,
8535 Northlake Blvd., West Palm Beach, 33412 (Click here for link to destination map)
Following the completion of all the listening sessions, the FWC will provide interested participants with a summary of the themes that emerged from the sessions. Workshops to explore solutions to the common issues of concern to paddlers and other users of non-motorized watercraft will be held following these listening sessions. No solutions have been pre-determined.


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