Gas Pipeline Alert: the following letter was written to me last week, map includ…

Gas Pipeline Alert: the following letter was written to me last week, map included:

Hi Merillee,
I wanted to provide you with an update regarding the project. As you are aware, Sabal Trail has been performing ongoing extensive field work and route evaluation reviews, including consultations with subject matter experts, over the past months for an initial “primary” route and an “alternative” route, or the “Gilchrist Westerly” route as we’ve called it. Based on this analysis, the Gilchrist Westerly route that is parallel to the existing Florida Gas Transmission (“FGT”) pipeline corridor as it crosses the Santa Fe River is proving to be favorable and will be the location of the preferred route. An updated map is attached for your reference.

Even though this route results in increased mileage of pipeline, there is an overall reduction of landowner and environmental impacts where we are able to follow existing utilities and thereby minimize multiple impacts. Sabal Trail also has extensively reviewed the karst geology and potential impacts to the aquifers and water supply for crossing the Santa Fe River with subject matter experts for the project, as well as at the local and state level. Accordingly, Sabal Trail has determined that the preferred river crossing alignment should be paralleling the FGT pipeline where two natural gas pipes have already successfully crossed the Santa Fe River utilizing the Horizontal Directional Drill installation method.

Sabal Trail has conveyed its plans to pursue the Gilchrist Westerly route as its new preferred route in its response to comments made during FERC’s scoping period. These comments were filed with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) on May 5, 2014 in Sabal Trail’s “Response to Scoping Comments” and can be found on page 48 of the document.

Please note that Sabal Trail will not have adequate time to fully detail the Gilchrist Westerly route as its preferred route in its draft resource reports which will be filed with FERC next month. However, it will be noted as being recently determined to be designated as the preferred route in Resource Report 10 – discussing route and alternatives. Moving forward, Sabal Trail will continue to update all of the resource reports and impact tables with the necessary details around the preferred Gilchrist Westerly route prior to filing any federal or state permit applications. Alternatively, the initial primary route will be listed as an alternative route. No further survey work is required along the primary route in this area at this time. Ultimately, Sabal Trail will show the Gilchrist Westerly route as the preferred route and the original route as an alternative route in its formal FERC Application later this year.

Sabal Trail has communicated this information to the public officials, including the Gilchrist County Commission, and will relay this information via letter to landowners this week. I hope you find this information helpful, please feel free to share with others from Our Santa Fe River, Inc. or in the area.

Thank you,


o. 321.249.8606 | c. 281.714.7521 |
400 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 300
Lake Mary, FL

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