Gilchrist County to Discuss Lily Springs

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Lily Springs 

Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners Meeting Agenda Item
date:  August 3, 2009, Monday at Gilchrist BOCC
place:  Gilchrist County BOCC meeting room (same place as always. downtown Trenton, across the street from Hitchcock’s, in beautiful stone building)
time:  1:30 pm

Barley and Corbin are offering the 10 acre Lily Springs with riverfront property to Gilchrist County to purchase.  I talked to Patty McGagh, BOCC  Deputy Clerk, and she did not know what the asking price was.
They offered the District the property for $1 million recently.  The District said no because it was too much $$ for what it was.

Can you attend this meeting during Monday afternoon?  We are not sure what will happen at this meeting??  BUT we are very curious.  Please do not miss any work for this…if it was really important we would tell you so.
That being said, it is important that OSFR is present.  I will do my best to attend along with more OSFR board members.  We will certainly report back our findings to you.

Keep the letters coming to SRWMD.  Thank you to everyone who has written and all those who intend to do so.

Thank you,
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
president, OSFR


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