Ginnie Springs Kayaktivism, Sat. Feb. 20, 2020

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CONTACTS:  Johnsie Cate, (813) 317-7138
Our Santa Fe River  (352) 222-8893

February 29, 2020 Johnsie Cate
(813) 317-7138

“Kayaktivism” To Occupy Ginnie Springs
Join Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay; Act Now because Life is impossible without water.
Where there is Extinction you are sure to find the Rebellion!
We forget the water cycle and It will ignore our life cycle!

Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay, Extinction Rebellion Atlanta, Our Santa Fe River, and Sierra Club Florida

Join Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay for a direct action on the Santa Fe River to occupy Ginnie Springs. Where our flotilla of water protectors will send a clear message to Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). Florida doesn’t need Ginnie in a bottle.

Ginnie Springs Headspring
on the Santa Fe River

Saturday February 29, 2020
9am to 10am available for a press conference at Rum 138, 2070 SW CR 138, Fort White, FL
10am to 11am Pre-Rally at Rum 138

Speakers: Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Water protector and Board Member of Our Santa Fe River.

Johnsie Cate Water Protector and organizer with Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay

11am to 12pm Launching the Kayaktivism
1pm Flotilla party on the headspring Ginnie Springs

Seven Springs Water Company is selling the spring water that feeds Ginnie Springs and the Devil’s Eye/Ear Complex to Nestle International. Seven Springs water company also own the iconic  Ginnie Springs Outdoors campground. Nestle has recently been bottling this water under the brand name Zephyrhills with an existing 20-year-old permit which has been going through the permit process by the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). The SRWMD Board will ultimately decide the fate of this unreasonable water use in the upcoming months. Based on the science alone, this permit should be denied because removing water from the Santa Fe River which has Minimum Flow and Level (MFL) data showing it is in “recovery”, which means more water needs to be protected in its natural system not be removed.

This is a water action via kayaks, canoes and river rafts.

For more information, contact Johnsie Cate of Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay.

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