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Issue No. 55, September 2, 2008

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Pledge to Break the Bottled Water Habit
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Take the Pledge! Break the Bottled Water Habit — Fill’er Up at Home

Did you know that making bottles to meet Americans’ demand for bottled water requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel some 100,000 cars for a year? With gas prices so high (though bottled water is even more expensive at up to $6 a gallon*), why pour oil and money down the drain when you can get your own reusable bottle and fill’er up at home?

The current energy crunch illustrates the importance of conserving all our natural resources, yet for each gallon of water that is bottled, an additional two gallons of water are used in processing. It’s time to take a real stand and pledge to Break Your Bottled Water Habit for good. So far over 3,900 of you have pledged to give up bottled water for a year, reducing 159,936 pounds of carbon emissions in the process. We can do better than that. Take the pledge, encourage your friends to do the same, and reduce your carbon footprint by 40.8 pounds this year for each person.** Imagine if 20,000 of you make that same pledge.

From now through October 30, take the pledge to Break the Bottled Water Habit, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Doing so can put you in the running to win some very eco-friendly, water-themed prizes: first prize is a Live, Learn, Experience package that includes a trip to Glacier National Park from our friends at Brighter Planet; second prize is a water filtration package from Wellness Enterprises, and third prize is a very cool self-filtering reusable bottle also by Wellness Enterprises.

Need more reasons to Break the Bottled Water Habit? Check out our top five reasons to break the habit, and then our top five ways to do so.

*Based on $0.95 price for a 20 oz. bottle of Dasani.

**Based upon bottles shipped 500 miles.

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Put the Right to Clean Water Amendment on the 2022 ballot


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