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Johanna de Graffenreid of Gulf Restoration Network has circulated the following information about the important summit in Gainesville on August 6, 2016.  Please save the date and the exact location and time will be posted later.

Sabal Trail is unnecessary and a dangerous risk.  The company has lied and cheated, it has been given rubber-stamp approval by FERC and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Come to Gainesville and join OSFR and others to do what we can to stop Sabal Trail.  OSFR will be there in force.Scroll

Dear Members, Partners and Community Members,

Will you join us in Gainesville on August 6th to protect your drinking water and your community?  The Grassroots Summit to Stop Sabal Trail will help to educate and empower the public on the proposed 515-mile fracked-gas pipeline, landowner rights, air and health impacts, the fracking & pipeline link – and most importantly give you the skills to stop it!

Approximately half of this dangerous pipeline is slated to run from the GA state line to Orlando, and will include three loud & destructive compressor stations along with several auxiliary pipelines.  On May 31st, 2015 a pipeline managed by Spectra Energy exploded under the Arkansas River.  As of 2014, there have been 705 pipeline incidents with 19 fatalities. If this pipeline is allowed to move forward, Floridians and our waters will face these same threats.

North and central Florida are covered with over 900 pristine springs directly connected to the Floridan Aquifer system. This vast underground cave network is a gem right underneath our feet. Unfortunately, Sabal Trail has yet to address the potential for the high pressure pipeline to burst in or under the Floridan Aquifer – the main water supply for the entire state of Florida. Our waters, wetlands and communities are too important to risk for this dangerous pipeline.  

Register TODAY to save your place at the August 6th Grassroots Summit to Stop Sabal Trail in Gainesville at

We cannot protect your drinking water without you,

Johanna de Graffenreid

Act NOW!*

Put the Right to Clean Water Amendment on the 2022 ballot


Coastal Campaign Organizer

Gulf Restoration Network


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