Happy Day At Ichetucknee Springs Dip Day Jan. 3, 2015

Iche Nippy Dip Day January 3 2015

If there were assigned seats, the Iche Nippy Dip Day would have had a sell-out crowd, as the second annual Dip Day grew more than exponentially from last year.

What has sky-rocketed into a hugely popular event was enjoyed by many participants,  and smiled upon by Lady Luck who provided balmy temperatures for those who dipped.

A radiant Bob Knight below reflects the genuine spirit of joy and exhilaration experienced by those who gathered to pay homage to the Springs during this January ritual.

If one is seeking the fountain of youth, this might be as close as one can come, since the plunge into the water certainly makes one feel alive and lethargy flee.

A festive spirit prevailed as acquaintances greeted one another and not a frown was to be seen.  Gathering around a spring with friends promotes a magical moment and makes it impossible for negative vibrations to emerge.

Local environmental groups were well represented, including of course, many lucky members of Our Santa Fe River, some of whom can be found in the following photo.



The helpful park personnel were professional and informative and added to the overall success of the event.  No one was injured, drowned or went into cardiac arrest, and to quote,  “a good time was had by all.”



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