Holy Faith – Tammy Greenhalgh

Nothing from September 23, 2021 to October 7, 2021.

Struggles I have gone through
For things I did not do.
Flowing softly, flowing slowly
Flowing underground.

Witness my glory, my victory, my Santa Fe!!!
Then……when no houses abound,
A man named DeSoto came around.

He came from Spain,
With the thought to drain
Gold and riches,
And of course, fame.

But what he got,
And what he gave
I kept my secrets 
With the Indian braves.

Flowing softly, flowing slowly
Flowing always to Echo River
Goes the Holy Faith.

Groundwater fades and the nitrate loading, 
Has turned a greenish gloom.
Not with envy, but PLANT LIFE PLUME!!!!

About the Author

Tammy Greenhalgh – Branford, FL

I’m 6th generation in Suwannee county on Mom’s side of the family. Our ancestors came by covered wagon and homesteaded 800 acres, part of which bordered the Santa Fe. Before I was born, my grandfather and some neighbors would meet at the river. He would use 1/4 stick of dynamite instead of a fishing pole, then all would enjoy a fish fry!!!

My father, “River Tom” Greenhalgh. He grew up in Washington State, but moved here in the early 50’s and began diving for fossils and soon became interested in Indian and Pre-Civil War artifacts. He dove prolifically for the next forty years and was very successful in his finds.

About Tammy’s Love Poem

My father , River Tom Greenhalgh prompted my love for the water. I swam very early and remember spending a lot of time at the springs and rivers, snorkeling, boating, and later skiing. My brother, who is a professional geologist with D.E.P, has also helped me understand some of the changes that the locals rivers and springs go through. About 15 years ago, my ears would become infected and bleed after swimmimg in the Santa Fe and Suwannee, so I gave up submerging my head. Sad. My heartfelt thanks to all those who work so hard for our waterways!!

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