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STOP NESTLE In: How to Comment Against Nestle | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River


To stop Nestle’s newest American water bottling permit, go  directly to the decision makers, the Suwannee River Water Management District staff.
This is not a petition. This is not a social media platform. This is the real government deal.
The SRWMD staff do read all the comments. It is serious, say something meaningful.
Our Santa Fe River organization has posted a link to the SRWMD website permit portal.
Open and click on the following Permit number: 2-041-218202-3. At bottom of this page are these words To comment or receive notifications Click on them to post your comment about this permit application.  If you provided an accurate email, you will receive an email confirmation. For those interested in learning more about the actual Seven Springs Bottling Company’s permit renewal,  on the second page opened, click on this number: 2-041-218202-3, on the left side of screen in the portal, it opens up the permit materials.  This gives you the opportunity to understand the workings of such water use permits. It also gives all of us the opportunity to read all the comments that were made by the public.It is crucial to stay vigilant and pressure SRWMD staff and Board to do the legally right thing in terms of “reasonable and beneficial and with the public interest” and any other statutory right given to deny this permit (found in F.S. 373, Section II).

The Santa Fe River needs your voice to speak for it now.

This is one more added reason Nature needs rights!

There are ways to help and get involved.  Join OSFR to learn more.  The Santa Fe River has no voice and needs yours!

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  1. Every aspect of this is wrong. Nestle , plus the other companies that take OUR water should be stopped. This is where government works against us, allowing profits over environmental degradation. If this is allowed – shame on our state government.

  2. This company cares about themselves and only themselves. While people who have no access to clean water in the US (flint, EX.), Nestle is stealing it from them. Every single one of us! DO NOT ALLOW THIS! They are causing ecosystems to collapse, people and wildlife to suffer, all while they sit back and make BILLIONS…..this is OUR water, not a company who wants to trash our environment by packaging it in PLASTIC.

  3. Vote no to them taking our water for greed.The natural springs in Florida are beautiful and should be protected for future generations to enjoy.Let them find some place else to rip off.

  4. Do not let anyone pump a single drop of water from the Santa Fe River for profit. We should be respecting Mother Earth. Water is life! Love and respect nature!

  5. Please block “any” company from taking water from our natural springs.

    I’m not exactly sure what happened to Keystone Heights FL, but if have not visited, please do. So very, very sad…………

  6. Corporate greed is endless and if we are ignorant about such important issues as clean and accessible to everyone water resources and clean air, only plastic bottles will be left on this planet.

  7. I oppose renewal of the permit. This is legalized stealing of resources of the Florida people so a corporation can gain big profits. Don’t pretty it up with what they are partnering to do with Florida. We as residents will still lose. Nestle CEO believes water is not a right. This corporation wants to sell a resource we already have free. Don’t ruin our state for this.

  8. Please DO NOT renew Nestle’s permit. They rape our country and destroy our environment everywhere they go. Please do the ethical thing and protect our environment.

  9. Please do not allow any company to use the Santa Fe River or any of Florida’s natural resources to gain profit while creating more plastic waste. This seems like such a backwards movement in today’s ecological situation. We cherish our water ways and it is vital to keep them safe!

  10. I am totally against this and would sign as many petitions as needed to stop it. I love the springs in Florida and want to preserve them from companies trying to make money with no regards toward nature.

  11. I am a science teacher in Florida and our college textbook explains Nestle uses political bureaucracy to slink in a manipulate resources to their obvious advantage. The textbook is called Leadership. P.194 The book claims Nestlé works with Suwanee River partnership to help farmers with best practices and irrigation. They also agreed to work with the southern forestry consultants to manage the 468 acres certified tree farm. Both of these for a fee allows them to have the permit for half 1,000,000,000 gallons of our fresh spring water Free of charge. Of course then they charge us to have it put in nasty plastic bottles that are terrible for the environment. Even Ripleys believe it or not aquarium in the tourist town of Gatlinburg will only use the metal water bottles. I was impressed. Nestlé and its subsidiaries are embarrassing leeches for our state that has spent billions trying to protect these vital resources.
    I agree water should come from somewhere, but never free and never put high quality into single use non recyclable from our own country. At least pretend to be conscientious by using the metal or boxed water presentation!
    Leave our precious resources alone and import from Switzerland or Italy. (And you know they would charge corporations for accessing pure clean water in that high of a quantity)

  12. Please don’t allow Nestle to take our water and profit from it.
    It’s a resource that belongs to all of us and is not to be taken by a corporation.

  13. Please do not allow Nestle to continue take anymore water from Ginnie Springs. I grew up going to this Spring and a few others. We need to stop big companies from stealing from nature. We need to keep the water in Ginnie Springs for years to come. Please put a stop to this travesty.

    1. Stop buying Garden of Life products. Garden of Life supplements are the NUMBER ONE SELLING product owned by NESTLE’

      If you stop buying GOL stuff, NESTLE will no longer be so powerful.

      Put your mouth where your money is… and SAVE THE WORLD

  14. Nestle has been pumping aquifer water out of a State (Texas) at a horrific pace. It is sad enough this State is not designed very well environmentally to sustain itself from unlimited development, Neanderthal water laws designed to aggrandizing real estate development, the oil and gas industry and anything that makes the wealthy wealthier.

    Stop Nestle’s now!!! Let them pump out Switzerland instead!

    1. this plan is a huge deficit, loss and potential extinction to habitas, animals and public water supply that I had the pleasure of enjoying as a college student at The University of Florida. Nestlé, the largest bottled water conglomerate in the world, has made a business of buying the pumping rights to water sources near small communities all over the continent for as little $524 per year. Nestle can gain an unchallenged stake in a community’s water source, and then they have little or no incentive not to take as much of it as they can. To legally safeguard water resources against extraction for profit, a Georgetown Environmental Law Review article proposed that water resources be protected from pollution and resale by the same legal mechanism that outlaws the trafficking of species. In Crag Law Center’s Cascade Locks case, they filed a challenge to the state of Oregon’s proposal to transfer water rights from the public to Nestlé, and that allowed a public comment process where Cascade Locks residents could voice their concerns. Let’s tske this advice and example as an open and protect our natural water supply, animals and habitat. Source:

  15. Nestle is infamous for stealing water in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Southern California, and now in Florida. It is a well documented scofflaw which should simply be put out of operation for its multiple violations, some of which are leading to destruction of entire ecosystems. A functional global ecosystem must take priority over corporate profits. There are no profits on a dead planet. The answer to Nestle must be a resounding NO!

  16. Regarding 2-041-218202-3, please vote “NO”. Do not allow Nestle to steal water that is so important to the ecosystem. Nestle is out to make money at the expense of the environment, wildlife and people. Please don’t let this big corporation get away with it!

  17. Seriously?!? Time for companies to wake up and take responsibility for the havoc they are causing this Earth! Please continue to damage the planet by draining natural resources (something that is becoming quickly endangered) and adding more more pollution via single use plastic waste. How dumb is this?!?! Go line your pocketbooks elsewhere – leave fresh water sources alone! Perhaps use your engineers to produce a water purification system to recycle contaminated waters or make reusable bottles and refilling stations? Become part of the solution not the continued problem.

  18. No to Nestle! Americans need to defend and protect what remains of our natural waters, wetlands, springs, and seeps. Nestle’s corporate greed is destructive—it depletes ecosystem-supporting water sources and adds plastic bottles to landfills, which contribute them to giant garbage accumulations in the ocean! Nestle will destroy the springs that they draw from, causing harm to the whole river system. Please DO NOT approve this for-profit project that aims to industrialize a precious ecosystem! Do your job and protect the waters of natural springs!

  19. Last February, the Government of Switzerland announced the creation of a Foundation in Geneva, under the name ‘Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator’ (GSDA). The purpose of this new foundation is to regulate new technologies, from drones and automatic cars to genetic engineering, which are examples mentioned by the Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis at the public launch of this initiative. According to Cassis, new technologies are developing very fast and this Foundation must ‘anticipate’ the consequences of these advances for society and politics. The Foundation will also be a bridge between the scientific and diplomatic communities, hence its strategic placement in Geneva, which houses several international organizations, from the UN to the World Trade Organization.

    Image result for Peter Brabeck-Letmathe

    The Swiss Foreign Ministry will contribute 3 million Swiss francs – just over 3 million dollars – to the Foundation’s initial phase from 2019 to 2022. The city and the Canton of Geneva will each contribute 300,000 Swiss francs for the same period and contributions from the private sector are also expected.

    As President of this new Foundation, the former CEO of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (image right) was chosen. The Vice-President is Patrick Aebischer, the former President of the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology – EPFL is the French acronym. Patrick Aebischer has also been a member of the Nestlé Health Science Steering Committee since 2015, founded in 2011 by Nestlé and located right on the EPFL campus.

    The Rest Of The Story:

  20. The springs and Santa Fe River are my favorite parts of the place I call home. Do NOT let Nestle take our water and resources!

  21. Please stop Nestlé from abusing this beautiful natural resource. This water should be left for everyone to enjoy including the residents of Florida, visitors, and wildlife. It should not be siphoned off for the profit of a large company.

  22. It’s one thing if everyone is in need of drinking water. The worlds water crisis. I think a state of emergency should be in place if a corporation can buy out our springs, like that. Too many markets out there killing our sacred space without enough communication or solution. Big business and bad living situations are killing us as a whole. Are they using the money to help find future solutions to the worlds water problem other than supply and demand. I they ethical. No all that plastic is only one reason that they are not ethical, sugar, diabetes. They give us what we order. We have to boycott the product and probably a bunch of other products. Please big businesses don’t give us what we grew up on being offered, but offer something new and that helps everyone. Don’t let us kill our planet while you hold our hands into the trash pit of doom. This is a sad state of human affair.

  23. Please, stop selling the Peoples water to foreign corporations!!!
    Hoarding water creates problems for our environment! Our environment is suffering enough due to greed!!!
    No more water for Nestle!!!

  24. Just signed this. Just moved to Jacksonville, we the people do not need more for profit companies ruining our fragile water ways!

  25. Nestle CEO says – “water is not a human right” are you kidding me? More greed Florida does not need. We do not want our waters, wetlands, springs, etc destroyed by more corporate greed. Plastic bottles need to go! Not only do they want to destroy our springs, and cause harm to our river system. Please DO NOT renew the application to anyone who is going to harm our eco-system! Florida residents do not want our precious springs and water to be destroyed! Stop Nestle, please do your job and protect our waters!

  26. Hell no to Nestlé! They will destroy our FL waters. All they care about is making money. I wouldn’t be surprised China doesn’t have something to do with this since they don’t have enough water in their country. Also I believe this could cause more sink holes which we definitely don’t need. Call our Governor! Tell him we don’t want our springs destroyed

  27. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! Shame on Nestle, shame on our government in allowing this! What is wrong with the human race? We have become so greedy and inhumane! Do these CEOs not have any children, grandchildren? What kind of planet are we leaving them? To quote The Doors from way back in the 60’s “What have they done to the Earth, what have they done to our fair sister? Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her, stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn. And tied her with fences and dragged her down.”

  28. Nestle is willing to sacrifice our precious water for the sake of profit while generating more plastic bottles that pollute our earth. Vote NO!

  29. As a UK resident, watching from afar does anyone have an interest in the idea of Nestle being a not for profit company. Does the idea of companies putting human well being, environmental concern and even ethical public function AHEAD of their need for profit.

    Have we finally come to the point where we can look at the idea of companies working for the benefit of our grandchildren…..not for short term profit.

  30. I cannot believe this is happening. We have to save our environment and earth as much as possible. We have to keep the spring intact and safe. Nobody should be allowed to harm and mess with our fragile environment and ecosystem. We need to fight by ourselves and we cannot let the big companies like Nestle take advantage by using money. No we cannot let it happen. Save our earth and save these water sources. Please don’t let this happen. We have yo fight these companies. We have to protect our environment!!!

  31. Vote no! A large corporation has no right to use up an area’s natural resources. Using up water for bottling will cause the aquifer to be used faster than its able to replenish. This could be detrimental to the environment and people living here!

  32. No to Nestlé or any corporation taking from mother nature and selling our public resources.

  33. This is another example of a large corporation valuing people’s money over people’s opinions and actual desires for a stable environment. Look, we’re not just tree huggers who wanna burn down the corporate universe, but we do want companies like NESTLE to be held accountable and we want to preserve what the earth has. Look at nestles track record…for goodness sake please take some time to note how this company has already abused its use of water nationwide. We are absolutely exhausted with the workarounds these companies will use to make these things happen. I beg of you, value what local residents and people nationwide are saying over the money that could be made. Value a thriving and healthy ecosystem full of life over a companies interests. Please make HISTORY here and vote NO!

  34. Ginnie Springs is where my family has gone since the 70’s. Bottling the water there would destroy such a beautiful place and ruin local economics based around the springs. World renowned dive spots would become even more dangerous due to lower and murkier waters. Don’t approve of this. You’d be hurting everyday people who love this slice of land.

  35. As a riparian owner on the Santa Fe this decision affects me directly. It will at some point affect all Floridians. SRWMD has the power to say no. Please do the right thing. Save our springs our rivers and the beauty that is N. Central Florida.

    1. Please do not let them do here what they have done in my home state of Michigan and the Great Lakes. And the Great Lakes system is tremendously larger. But why should states pay to buy back water they originally owned for pennies on the gallon.

  36. Please vote NO to this ludicrous request by one of the worst corporations in this world – Nestlé. We cannot keep putting profit over people – we need to protect nature for our and our children’s sake. Please vote NO!!

  37. Say NO to Nestle! We must be stewards of the environment now more than ever. No amount of money will be able to replace depleted natural resources.

  38. Say no to nestle! They have destroyed ground water sources in SE states, dried up wells and streams! So people can lend her the planet with more plastic bottles not to speak of the fact that it’s toxic after the water sits in the bottle !!

  39. The environment needs to be saved and this is not a way to do that. Environmentalism is something that is very important and this is not how to do it. Please vote no.

  40. Enough is enough! This is our water and all they can think of is their profit. I’m tired of the exploitation of our natural resources. Go away Nestle!!

  41. Nestle’s behavior in California and Maine are such that I strongly recommend *against* letting them take water from this source.

  42. Nestle are rapacious capitalists and not to be trusted, in the UK, where I live they have ruined Cadburys Chocolate, the British government only allowed the sale of the business to Nestle’s on the promise of keeping a Gloucester factory open…within six months they closed it, sacked workers and moved it to Poland…..don’t trust them they are liars.

  43. Florida’s ecosystem is already under pressure. Please do not allow Nestle’ to draw water from these springs. It is a study in nonsense: get free water, bottle it in plastic which is toxic to the Earth, sell it back to consumers. Don’t renew the permit.

  44. Please vote no on this project. Undoubtedly it will add revenue to the community but at what cost to a fragile water environment? I’m sure corporate studies provided in support of pumping much more water than has been done in the past have been submitted, but do these take into account the weather fluctuations we have been experiencing which can potentially be disastrous to the stability of the waterway in the future. At that point there will be no turning back. Let’s turn back now while we have the opportunity.

  45. SRWMD, your job is to protect our water supply. It’s not your job to doll it out to the highest bidder. Taking any water from the spring reduces flora and fauna. It also increases bacteria, Phosphorus, Excessive algae growth, Turbidity, sedimentation or siltation, and/or; Low dissolved oxygen. In other words, you will kill the river. The Amazon is the lung of our planet and the RIVERs are it’s blood. Don’t forget that.

  46. Everyone around the world knows Nestle will do anything for a profit, including saying people do not have a right to drinking water. Allowing them access to a water supply which was previously seemed in peril is simply criminal.

  47. Here are some figures – from Nestle itself – for every litre of water in a plastic bottle : +3L of used water to treat ; +46g of packing material ; 0.86L of supplementary water used.
    All over France people are rising up against the exploitation of mineral water sources to produce bottled water – “eau bien commun” – water a common asset belongs to all of us ( I write to give moral support to your protests from the other side of the pond.
    An example is the Vittel bottling plant. Nestlé, together with a few other industrials, takes a million m3 of water each year. A further industrial cheese maker takes 600 000 m3. The overexploitation of the underground water resources stretching underneath the Vosges region of France means that for decades these resources are not replenished sufficiently – they are in deficit by an estimated 800 000 m3 per year. One, just one, result of this is that in the town of Vittel, and some neighbouring towns, the soil and agricultural land is too dry, woods/trees are suffering, and the local authorities are planning to build a pipeline to bring in drinking water from further away (
    Nestle and other multinationals are not to be trusted. They will drain your resource until the rivers and agriculture suffer, for for their own immense profit. And millions of plastic bottles will be transported to places on the globe which often have no efficient systems of recycling them.
    Do not let Nestlé exploit your river.

  48. These kind of actions have such dangerous potential for the future – if we let them go unchecked, pretty soon, we could all end up having to pay just for a drink water – an essential element to sustainable life.

  49. I have tried to send this to the authority but it demands US address- not sure if my fibs succeeded.

    I am not a US citizen but I do not believe that this is a local, a State or even just a national issue. As a citizen of a threatened world I want to leave it in a better state than I found it, not least for my grand children, and hopefully theirs too.
    – there is a global environmental catastrophe underway. No single action can be considered out side of this. Every threat is significant.
    – as an international company Nestlé has shown that it will exploit natural resources (should anyone ‘own’ water?) for profit
    – threatening any species should, in itself, be a reason for disallowing this application

    The authority should refuse this application in its entirety. It might do well to focus its attention on providing potable water from renewable sources for all its residents and encourage its use in reusable bottles. This would remove the Nestlé business model.

    1. I live in Canada.. Nestle has take millions of litres out of the Guelph, Ontario aquifers (for a pittance) even though people advocated against it. Local politicians need to be held accountable and those who buy bottled water are enablers. Rapacious, greedy and powerful multi nationals have to be held to more account and their measure of success needs to change from share price and dividends to a more socially accountable model. Without public activism that will never happen.

    2. Hi there, a non US citizen as well but what Monsanto is to seeds and plants, is what Nestlé is to water, morally bankrupt, and that is a global issue far outweighing local Florida or even US interests. At you can get some interesting information on Nestlé’s take on who owns water. Also, the documentary ‘bottled life’ is a real eye-opener. Nestlé’s lawyers have made sure it was pulled from Youtube fast and when I tried to upload it once more it was gone in just a few minutes and my account to upload suspended for months.
      If water is a commodity, then so is life and who in his/her right mind wants that to happen…?

  50. Please don’t destroy a natural spring, ecosystem and habitat to many aquatic species. Corporations have done enough damage to our already fragile earth. Nestle needs to stop increasing single use, plastic production. Find another product!

  51. I am vehemently opposed as a Floridian AND concerned US citizen!

    Not only can Florida’s fragile ecosystem NOT support this bleeding of our resources, isn’t it time we stop trashing our planet with tons of toxic plastic waste???

  52. I read about this in The Guardian. Tho not a Florida resident I am appalled that the Water District might allow this limited resource to be raped by another corporation concerned only with profits. Do all you can to stop this.

  53. You are Florida residents with a job that is suppose to manage this state’s most precious resource. Common sense dictates that this companies history speaks for itself, they have no interest in protecting our natural resources, only exploiting them and the lax laws in our state that allow this to happen. Please use common sense and do NOT allow then to continue pumping. When our wells run dry, will you care or take responsibility for your part in allowing it to happen?

    1. I’m writing this, though I have lost hope that anyone in any government capacity should have the chutzpah to take a stand against a mega-wealthy multinational corporation. So you give away our natural resources. Maybe offer them your wives and daughters as well, why not? Let those who have the most have everything! I bet it’s good for you guys’ stock portfolio.
      Go ahead, give Ginnie Springs, a paradise, to one of the most nasty and degenerate corporations on planet Earth. Thank God I am moving out of the state! July 2020 can’t come soon enough.

  54. Nestle wants to take our water for free ? So they can make a profit ? And how do we recharge our springs when millions of gallons per day are removed ? there is no lack of science on the diminishing water levels and flow from overpumping ! Subsequent harm to the health of our waterways ! Subsidence of our land ! Nestle in FACT has a very bad reputation, for not being a good neighbor. The people of Michigan can testify. What starts at 100 million gallons a day grows next permit to 250 million gallons a day and they now take 400 million gallons a day at just one spring in Michigan. The traffic strain on our town will be an additional hardship. Especially for the people who live out near there. Profit should not have a stranglehold on our fresh water. Farmers need to grow crops. People need water from their wells. Overpumping threatens us all. Its killing our springs. This is fact. The idea that a for profit corporation would add to that, just to make a buck, is repugnant. Our Water is a valuable resource and we should actually treat is as such.

  55. I live in Michigan and we all already boycott Nestle. The stores are always full of it, yet the other brands are sold down….

    People of Florida, lawmakers of Florida – DO NOT SELL OUT TO NESTLE. They will RUIN your water sources!!

      1. By over pumping the aquifer. See almost any of the work done by the Florida Springs Institute.

  56. Please do not renew Nestle’s lease to bottle Florida’s water and sell it back to us in a single use plastic bottle. As a Florida native, I love and enjoy our rivers and springs and would like them to be preserved for future generations. Florida’s survival depends on our fresh water aquifer. To renew Nestle’s lease is neither reasonable, beneficial. or in the public interest of Florida. Do not renew this travesty!

        LET US ALL DO IT
        Thank you
        Best of Luck to ALL Action Groups

  57. Not only does Nestle’ want the Santa Fe water, but they will put it in plastic bottles–not only will this damage our lovely river, but this will add to the plastic pollution that is overwhelming our environment. Please deny this permit.

  58. Please consider the future needs of our rapidly growing community! The minimum flow testing that determined how much could be safely pulled may not be accurate considering our rapid population growth. I would prefer that the water stay in the river where it belongs!

  59. Water belongs to everyone. You can’t just appropriate it and destroy the eco-system and pollute with more plastic!

  60. Florida needs to take notice of the negative signs resulting from our total disregard of natural resources. Distruction of the Everglades, Red Tide from fertilizer run off, river algae plumes and sink holes. We are a tourist state, however, we are destroying some of our most enticing draws to Florida. Please Do Not let big business continue to neglect the waterways and aquifer in this state. Say NO to the Nestle company and don’t let them take water from the Santa Fe River. Stop this travesty and save the Springs before it’s too late. Instant gratification often brings regrets. Don’t let our future be another regret, stop Nestle now.

  61. Please do not allow nestle to take water from any Florida body of water public assets for private gain is completely wrong!

  62. Florida Riparian Rights Law says the water ground is owned by State of Florida. You have to get a permit before you dig well. The people who issues permits are water management districts. For last 8 years they have been appointed by conservative pro business governors. These boards routinely issue permits to big business corporations like Nestle. They just know springs and rivers are getting more polluted. We need a political revolution.

    1. Don’t worry you’re getting one. The liberals are fighting hard to demonize businesses and use environmental issues as a platform to push their agenda. It won’t take long. Pretty soon Florida will be a stool sample like California. All these efforts to protect the resources won’t matter. Wait until the tax hikes start. The state income tax. All coming. And we’ll have thiberal pioneers like yourself to thank.

      1. Not all businesses, Doug. But any businesses that defray their cost element by usurping public resource in a non-sustainable way deserves demonizing. And Nestle has shown itself to be one of the worst.

      2. Doug, you are what’s wrong with the world. To politicize and attribute this crime against our beautiful waterways to any specific party is outright moronic.

  63. Please save our valuable Springs. Our crystal clear water should not be bottled in plastic and used for corporate profit. Do not renew the permit, thank you.

  64. Nestle does not own the water therefore they should be able to use it freely to make a buck off of the people. It is ILLEGAL in this state for us to capture rain water, but Nestle can just suck up the water and sling it to people? Does Florida not have enough sink holes?

  65. I can not think of even one benefit to the citizens of Florida in giving Nestle the right to simply take our most precious resource, drinking water, encase it in plastic and then sell it to us! Ridiculous! Stop it!!!

  66. When they opened this water bottling plant in the first year my water levels in my well dropped. I had to drop my well another 10 foot until eventually my well dried up and caved in and another well had to be put in. I’ve had 3 large sinkholes on my property recently, but have watch several others sprout up in the neighborhood over the years. Do not allow Nestle to take even more water than they already been allowed to take. But what i really find funny is Nestle is already preparing for the increase truck traffic into their facility and they are building on as we speak. What do they already know that we don’t?

  67. DO NOT TAKE OUR PRECIOUS WATER…..STOP nestle from taking Florida water now before it’s too late!!!

  68. We do not want our water bottled and sold by a business that does not even pay Florida for the water.

  69. I am against anyone having the right to bottle our water from our rivers or springs. There are more jobs in people coming here for the beauty of NCF than in bottle plants employment. Water needs to be protected, it starts here and flows under the surface, spreads thru the entire state. We need it to live; not some multi national company that wants to benefit at our expense. Shame on Water Management District.

  70. I used the form on the Suwannee official site stating all opposition to an out of state Corporation coming to take our water. As well how bottling will continue plastic pollution and create carbon emissions. It is uncalled for that this Nestlé company could even consider to rob the state of FLA of our own water. We must stop this in its tracks.

  71. Respect the Santa Fe River. Needlessly bottling water increases the plastics that threaten our environment. Think chocolate, not H20.

  72. We do not want our water bottled and sold by a business that does not even pay Florida for the water. We can use reusable cups and save our water and landfills.

  73. Do your job!!! Protect our very fragile eco system. DO NOT let Nestle take anymore water. How you ever approved of this in the first place is beyond me. Our future is already at risk because of your lack of common sense and forethought of our future waters. Once it is gone/damaged it is to late. And saying- realizing we were wrong won’t change our children’s future.PLEASE PROTECT our waters.

  74. PLEASE SAVE OUR WATERS!! The Suwannee River, Santa Fe, Withlacoochee and all our other gorgeous Rivers and Springs deserve our protection and support as good stewards of what we have been blessed with. PLEASE DO NOT SELL THEM OUT TO CORPORATIONS. I live on the east coast of Florida but have kayaked many miles on these rivers and been in many springs and they need to be protected, as does our fragile Aquifer. We do not want more sinkholes either. Nestle bottles in wasteful throw away single use bottles which is also damaging our planet! SERIOUSLY THIS IS A NO BRAINER IF YOU ARE REALLY CARETAKERS OF THE RIVER!

  75. Allowing Nestle to bottle water from our water shed is unacceptable. It is a fact that the aquifer levels have dropped considerably and the environmental impacts associated are detrimental. It is counter productive to a healthy environment and healthy community.

  76. This spring is one of my absolute favorites and it would be an absolute shame to possibly never be able to bring my future family to it. I have so many amazing memories there and I would hate for them to all be thrown away because of some greedy water bottle company.

  77. Contact the governor’s office–the governor needs to know about this blatant robbery of Florida’s most precious natural resource. He appoints the WM agency directors, and he can
    redirect their attention from commercialism to conservation.

  78. Florida doesn’t have much left that’s pure and the Santa Fe is still pure. It won’t be with a water bottling company. Since the law makers are for this how about adding a revenue to the county of $.10-.15 per bottle for the counties pocket. Use the money to monitor the companies effects of pollution on the river. New housing in the community means new pollution problems. Look at the problems of the St. John’s and Indian River. Do you want the same for the Santa Fe?

  79. When will preservation of our natural resources become more important then a profit? Save our aquifer system for what its made for….. not more pollution of plastic bottles that we are killing the earth with now.

  80. Why would the Suwannee River Water Management District even consider giving our precious water over to Nestle? Why would they consider giving our water to a corporation that wants to put it into plastic bottles and sell it back to us? How many jobs could this possibly create? A few trucking jobs? Go and look at what a pumping station looks like set atop a spring. Consider that our aquifer is already stressed, as too many straws are already drawing it down. Please, don’t let the draconian CEO of Nestle, who believes that drinking water is not a right, please don’t let him put his greedy, grubby hands on our most valuable resource.

  81. Stop NESTLE. Why exactly? You provide no basis or rationale other than it’s a corporation and it’s stealing the water. Is this about money and anti corporation rhetoric because I see no science to back up your claims. I went to your website and searched and finally found a link to “science” Nothing there. Don’t you think science would somewhat relevant over a bunch of politics. It gets really old getting spammed with request to sign petitions for things not supported by any actual science.

    1. There is plenty of good science, Doug. Dr. Robert Knight at the Florida Springs Institute has been bemoaning excessive withdrawals based on empirical data for years. And just to be clear, we’re not asking about a petition here – this is a portal where public comment is being received by the Suwannee River Water Management District.

  82. Florida residents do NOT want Nestle bottling our natural resources and filling plastic litter with it. No. Just no.

  83. Save our waterways from the large rich evil doers. We need to protect mother nature for our children. Nature is our medicine and if the destruction never ceases to stop we will all become very sick. Please protect our fragile eco system.

  84. I find it abhorrent that the powers that be would permit the drawing away from our aquifer .

  85. Having retired to the area in 2016 our home relies on good clean well water. We are off of USRt129 2 miles south of the Santa Fe and walking distance to the Suwannee. I grew up in South Florida. The fresh water aquifer is key to the survival of Florida. Nestle is not a good steward of the environment. In California they drew millions of gallons of water to use for bottled water even during the worst drought times. We need to say NO to Nestle. No more water removed.

  86. Not only is it wrong to permit a company to come into an area and cause harm to our rivers. A water bottle company…..more plastic to pollute our earth.
    This entire situation is wrong! We live here. We love our beautiful waterways. We don’t need and really do not want a bottle water company to come here. Please take our beautiful Santa Fe river and the horrible plastic bottles filling landfills forever. Thank you. We need your support to prevent this.

  87. Do NOT allow Nestle’ to get our water! This is an important part of our eco system and we can’t afford to have this happen! VOTE NO!

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