Huge Turnout Wants No Bottling Plant

Crowd of 400 Plus in the Villages

On Tuesday June 28, 2016, an overflow crowd of 400 plus attended the Sumter County commissioners’ meeting in the Colony Cottage Recreation Center in the Villages.  People attended because they were concerned about a water permit for a water bottling company.

Marsha Shearer Drew Huge Applause

The state permit was issued earlier this month to SWR Properties, also known as Spring Water Resources, to pump nearly 500,000 gallons of water daily from two springs along County Road 470 near Sumterville.

villages Joe
Joe Flynn Works Diligently Against the Bottling Plant

The Sumter County board has authority to approve zoning, building permits and roadway improvements needed for the pumping facility, and citizens requested  that these be denied.

Among the many, many activists were Joe Flynn and Cris Stanley, who was working the table leading into the large room.   OSFR was represented by your historian.

villages bldg
Venue for the Commissioners’ Meeting Colony Cottage Recreation Center

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  1. Too bad the Sumter County Commissioners are so disinterested in this topic, despite over 400 citizens showing up to express concern. Exactly WHO should these commissioners be listening to?

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