Human Waste Dumping in Santa Fe River Watershed

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You may want to know that they are dumping treated human waste on a farming operation between The Santa Fe River and Fort White, FL (US 27), again.  A sludge company has been doing this for over 20 years. OSFR just found out about this “business” and 2 others in the immediate area.  They are acceptably permitted through the FDEP as a Biosolids Application.  This one just got issued a 5 year extension on their existing permit despite the fact that when we had Cyanobacteria last year on our river related to nitrate loading, the state tested and found higher then normal levels of “weathered” (meaning older) sucralose (a man made chemical used by humans to sweeten their food).

We think this business is unacceptable in a watershed for an Outstanding Florida Waterway that is already classified as “impaired” by the TMDL’s (Total Maximum Daily Loads: how much nutrient inputs are acceptable according to state standards).

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