Protecting the Santa Fe River in North Florida

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Ichetucknee/Santa Fe River Karst Field Trip (22-24 February 2019)


SEGS TOUR2 In: Ichetucknee/Santa Fe River Karst Field Trip (22-24 February 2019) | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River

RickCopeland In: Ichetucknee/Santa Fe River Karst Field Trip (22-24 February 2019) | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River
Dr. Rick Copeland

Dr. Rick Copeland has arranged the following tour, led by experts in karst geology and the life forms in and above it.  Tour attendees will provide their own transportation in a caravan from Lake City.  Participants are encouraged to car pool  during the tour.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life: once taken, it cannot be brought back-


Ichetucknee/Santa Fe River Karst Field Trip (22-24 February 2019)


The Ichetucknee and Santa Fe Rivers, located in north-central Florida, meander through some of the most spectacular karst terrain in the southeastern United States.   The evolution of karst river systems will be the theme of the trip.  The existence of rare and uncommon species of plants and animals and their association with karst, will also be explored.


Friday, February 22

OPTIONAL. Dinner and a series of presentations will be given in Lake City, at the Fairfield Inn. Dinner at the Fairfield will be catered by Sonny’s.

  • R. Copeland – Introduction
  • C. Williams – Revised Geomorphology of Florida
  • S. Upchurch – Evolution of Karst Traces of North Florida
  • G. Warren – Rare and uncommon Species in Karst Environments

Saturday, February 23

The field trip will follow the trace of the former and current Ichetucknee River, plus a trace of a former creek, known locally as the Paradise Ravine.  Attendees will stop at sinkholes, poljes (coalescing sinkholes), swallets, river rises, and springs. They will hear from experts regarding karst features, studies pertaining to them, local fauna and flora, and the local history related to the features.

  • Start: Fairfield Inn in Lake City; leave at 8:10
  • Stop 1: Alligator Lake (8:30)
  • Stop 2: Harris Lake (9:30)
  • Stop 2: Cannon Creek Sink (10:30)
  • Stop 3: Dial Sink (11:10)
  • Stop 4: Rose Creek (11:30)
  • Stop 5: Ichetucknee St Park (12:30) and Lunch by Ginnie’s Grill
    • Speakers: Bob Knight (Florida Springs Institute)
  • Stop 6 or 7: Paradise Ravine (2:30)
  • Stop 6 or 7: Paradise Ravine head water sink and Jess’s Hole (3:30)
  • Finish at Fairfield Inn, Lake City, at about 5:00 PM

Sunday, February 24

OPTIONAL. There will be an optional canoe/kayak trip down the Ichetucknee River on Sunday morning. Sam Cole, park ranger and biologist, will lead the trip and will discuss the local biology. NOTE: Canoe/kayaks will be rented from Ichetucknee Family Campground Inc. They are $16.00 per person , or if three people share a canoe, the cost for the three is $32.00. Participants will pay the campground on-site for the canoe. Times TBD.


SEGS has reserved a block of 20 rooms for $129.00 per night per room (queen or king) at Fairfield Inn in Lake City.   Numerous other motels are available in the vicinity in Lake City.

Fairfield Inn
38 Corporate Drive
Lake City, FL 32055

Mention that you are with the Southeastern Geological Society.

Deadline for reservations with rate given above is February 9, 2019.

Age and Safety Restrictions

Children welcome with completed waiver and accompanying adult. Safety glasses (sunglasses), shirts, and closed-toe shoes are required. Drinks, sunscreen, and insect repellent recommended.

Manual Registration

If you have trouble with the electronic registration, you can manually register by completing and sending this this PDF to and then using the information at this link (click here) to pay.

Registration and Fees

  • The Friday presentation and dinner fee is $16. (optional)
  • The Saturday field trip fee is $40.  It includes a hardcopy field guidebook and a box lunch at the Ichetucknee State Park.
  • The Sunday canoe/kayak half-day trip does not have a separate fee, but kayak/canoe rentals will need to be paid on-site to the vendor at $16 per person (or $32.00 for up to three people in a canoe). (optional)

Electronic Registration

Please check ALL the appropriate option(s) below and click “Purchase” to quickly e-register for the trip. You will be routed to a waiver you can sign electronically, and then to the registration and payment form. Since every participant needs to complete a waiver, you can only register one person at a time, but registration takes just a few minutes. If you have trouble with the e-form, you can register manually using the info in the section above.

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