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Sen. Charlie Dean

A very important week is coming up as this is when the Legislature begins the new session. Right off the bat we have the Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee on Wed., Jan. 13 in the Capitol building, 4 – 6 pm in the Mallory Home Committee Room, 37 Senate Office Building.

This committee is chaired by Sen. Charlie Dean with Sen. Simpson as Vice Chair. Sen. Richter’s SB318 pro fracking bill will be considered and voted on. If at all possible, please attend this meeting and speak against this bill backed by those who want to exploit Florida for personal gain.

Also very important is a call to Sen. Charlie Dean to request that he allow SB 166, a bill banning fracking, to be filed and heard in committee. Brian Lee writes: “Senator Dean has told us several times that he does not like fracking. Please reach out to Senator Dean using the call-in service set up by Food and Water Watch and encourage him to act consistently with previous statement by HEARING SB 166 and IGNORING SB 318. Call in number is 1-866-583-2908.”

The call is easy to make, and if you live in his district, please state that.

Below is a link to the agenda for this meeting.



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