Important LegiCamp in Tampa



OSFR was represented today in Tampa, Florida by our president Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson at the LegiCamp sponsored by Florida Progressives.  This was a day-long conference with over 125 attendees converging from all over the state, and which included our strongest and most active leaders in fighting for a better Florida.

Florida Progressives was formed in 2010 as the result of the policies of Gov. Scott and his associates in the Florida legislature, and serves as a medium through which progressive advocates throughout Florida may assemble to collaborate on many issues which are neglected by our state.

These conferences, such as the one today, serve as launchpads for grassroots developed and operated projects and campaigns and are dedicated to helping community organizers from across the state affiliated with diverse causes cooperate with other groups and causes on bills before legislative session.

Legislative engagement campaigns select their own coordinators, projects, and are transparent to members. These conferences help all campaigns collaborate with one another through regular state calls and online communication tools.

These groups are unfunded and unincorporated to encourage cooperation among groups by avoiding competition with each other. The groups retain independence and they benefit from the experience with coalition building and networking acquired through participation, which fosters institutional and individual leadership and excellence.

By working together, the different groups can recognize one another’s contributions and this helps participants succeed while simultaneously nurturing a culture of coalition appreciation needed to build majority power.

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