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The following is from Jim McFarlane


Jim McFarlane to Our Santa Fe River

We are fortunate to have the Santa Fe River, and its springs, I thank all those that support it.

There has been a great deal of talk about climate change and effects on the river. Climate Change will surely impact the valuable springs and river watershed. On Nov. 20 at Rum 138 I will be presenting on many of the climate issues as well as solutions, some may find helpful in the battle to protect our river.

You may have heard some of my broadcasts, Jim McFarlane Speaking on Climate or Watershed, Coast, Climate an Environmental Journal. Bring someone out that doesn’t understand how climate change is impacting them . Don’t forget a to bring a comfortable chair, we will be outside. And for each participant you will be able to select a location for a tree to be planted, thanks to a partnership with an organization that plants trees.

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