John Moran/Eternal Springs Project —Message For Blue Springs


John Moran/Eternal Springs Project has given OSFR permission to use his incredible images in this post to remind us all that Friday is the deadline to submit opinion to the Acquisition Council for the purchase of Blue Springs to become a state park.  We have included the list of contacts below.  Please take a few minutes to help preserve this wonderful piece of Florida while we still can.

First, here is John’s short but eloquent and direct letter to the Council:

Dear Acquisition and Restoration Council members,

I’ll be brief. You’ve heard the many and compelling reasons so many Floridians support state acquisition of Gilchrist Blue Springs.
This place is special beyond words. That’s why I offer pictures; 21 in all.
Every person you see depicted in these photographs has a message for you. They are voting with their feet and the smiles on their faces to send a message to Tallahassee and beyond that they get it; that they understand that maintaining public access to this pool of stunning blue wonder lies at the heart of the Florida experience—today, tomorrow, forever.
I can imagine no property on your list of potential acquisitions more emblematic of the best of what remains of natural Florida than our beloved Blue Springs.
Thank you for your consideration.
John Moran

Here are the links to the people who need to see our letters and opinions.  Please copy and paste into your emails.

To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jonathan Arthur <>

Thanks for helping with this important endeavor.  And thanks to John Moran and Eternal Springs Project for their unique and invaluable contribution.

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