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chicken farm fort white
Based on a request for the DEP to investigate whether or not a waste or wastewater permit is necessary for the JTC chicken operation half way between the Town of Fort White and the Santa Fe River, the following documents form the basis for the conclusion the DEP has made, in that ‘no’ permits are necessary at this time.
The DEP wrote in their Determination Letter that  they have determined the proposed “…activity will not result in a discharge of wastes into the waters of the State and the activity is not otherwise reasonably expected to be a source of water pollution.”


Below can be found links to various documents dealing with the JTC  Chicken Farm near Fort White, including the Determination Letter from the DEP.  The file titles are indicative of the content.ScrollJTC-Permit Determination Letter final – 01-11-16 (002) (1)

Attachment #1 ECOdrum Composter

Attachment #2¿ Dry scraper ¿ Poultry Housekeeper.

Email response to initial questions

Huynh Nguyen Nutrient Management Plan

Permit Determination Qs 2015.11

Site Description response

Soil_Report JTC Farm

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  1. Just say No! to meat.

    This is a result of the “Right to Farm” amendment in Florida, and what passes as farming.

  2. Reading about the history of these operations in other states, they have now required monitoring of the manure product BOTH “on” and “off” the chicken operation property. As the “local” possible users of this product get saturated, and can no longer use it, the chicken operator has no other choice, bnut to go longer distances to dispose of this toxic waste. Other states have traced serious drinking water pollution problems to improperly stored manure. Remember, “mamure management” is the main issue here. When this product is turned over to other users, it still has the capability to damage OUR wells, rivers and springs. The idea of CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) is new to this state, and it’s obviously being regulated like “a farm”. Every Columbia County Commissioner refers to it as “a farm”, and THATS where they made a environmental blunder!!

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