Protecting the Santa Fe River in North Florida

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Letter Supporting Protection of the Environment

Dear Governor Crist, Senators, and Representatives,

Please consider the following below. Nuclear should not be considered in the renewable portfolio standards as it is not renewable, would set a precedent, and is not a proven safe method as to what to do with the waste in Florida’s karst topography.

Also, please consider the support of SB 274 for the protection of spring sheds. We don’t need another task force to study this problem to death, the time is now. SB 2120 is redundant, has been tried in the past, and is not needed. The science is out there supporting protection of our water. Nitrates, phosphorous, mercury, and a myriad of other chemicals can’t be removed from the water we drink.

HB 1111 is dangerous legislation and proves that some people have not studied the history of the past mistakes, both here in Florida and other states. We can’t build our way out of the problem of run away growth (not sustainable) via piping water here and there to satisfy some builder’s bank account. Water is finite and can’t be made. The state/people need to learn to conserve what there is. I support both the severance fee and sales tax on bottled water.

Save the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) as it seems to be the only state entity that is somewhat effective on preserving what little we have left that isn’t being paved over. SB 360 and SB 730 will allow Florida to become California, not that Florida isn’t trying to copy that state now. Other Californian themed related bills are SB 2294, HB 1111 – very dangerous, HB 1123, and SB 2026. There are probably others out there in Tallahassee, but those are the ones I’m aware of at this point.

Remember, growth is not progress. Save what little there is left of Florida, as this legislative session will make or break the future of the state.

Thank you for your consideration,

James Brack Barker
Williston/Levy county
Unemployed eco-tourism company owner/provider
no health or home insurance
one meal a day if I’m lucky

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