Lily Springs Owners Still Want to Sell Water

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The Gilchrist Board of County Commissioners received a request from John Barley and Richard Corbin to “support and cooperate with public acquisition” of the sale of their 10 acre piece of land on the Santa Fe River which included Lily Springs. The Board so moved to create a resolution to do so. 
There was no money discussed other than the fact that this would not cost the county any monies whatsoever.  The Board unanimously agreed that it would be a good thing to have Lily in public ownership.

Barley is working with John Hutchinson of Alachua Conservation Trust to get his needs met.
OSFR is still very curious why a private land owner must be in front of a board of commissioners to ask them for verbal support so that they may sell their land to some sort of public entity?

After the meeting, Russ Augspurg (OSFR board member) asked Barley if he still planned to bottle water.  Barley made it clear that yes, he still plans to get a WUP for BULK TRANSFER of water (not actually bottling).  Bulk Transfer still removes our most precious natural resource from where it is needed most.  Last I checked the SRWMD did not allow new bulk transfer of water in or out of our District (there is one old permit with Suntory in Levy County that bulk transfers to Orlando area).

We’ll keep you posted as to any new turns in this land/water issue.

Thanks for your interest.
Keep the letters coming in to the District.

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
president, OSFR

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