Lily Springs Permit Denied!


Permit Denied: 11/9/2010

OSFR is pleased that SRWMD staff has committed themselves to put the denial of Lily Springs Bulk Transfer Station in writing and update the SRWMD Board Members with data and material for the monthly Board meeting.  The Governing Board denied issuance for the permit while meeting in Cedar Key this morning.  It was a swift blow to Lily Springs WUP with 8 members of the SRWMD Governing Board voting to deny the permit, in part, due to resource impacts to the flows and levels in the river and associated springs. The District has established Minimum Flows in the Upper Santa Fe River basin. In addition, data collected during the minimum flow and level efforts on the lower Santa Fe River were used in the Lily Springs permit denial. The SRWMD Voting Board Members were:

Mr. Donald Quincey, Chairman

Mr. David Flagg, Vice Chairman

Mr. Carl Meece, Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Alphonas Alexander

Dr. Linden David

Mr. Heath Davis

Mr. Jay Fraleigh

Mr. Guy Williams

Absent: Mr. Ray Curtis

OSFR wants to personally thank each and everyone one of you for doing it’s part in stopping commercial water bottlers that have tried to exploit our precious resource.

As for the Coca-Cola Plant (CCDA) in northern Gilchrist County… we have no update.  It is definitely closing but will most likely be purchased and we fear it will continue to pump out millions of gallons of water, please read here: COCA COLA

The report on water levels is bad for the section of the Santa Fe River near the plant location.  It is alarmingly low in Gilchrist County.  The permits from the District are issued on a 20 years basis; the permit from Ginnie Springs (named Seven Springs Water) which provides water to the Coca Cola plant is due for renewal in 2018.

We can not rest on our laurels… keep the letters coming into the District opposing any and all new water bottling permits (bulk, pipeline or bottling facility) within the SRWMD juridiction.

Please note that the Wacissa River in Taylor County is building a galvanizing opposition to Nestle wanting to pump out their spring water for sale & bottling purposes. See their web page by clicking here.

Again, thank you for your letters and attending the meeting,

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, President OSFR

(386) 243-0322

[email protected]

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