Lily Springs and Senate Bill 360

June, 2009

Lily Springs water bottling has been busy making their plans for a facility near Lily Springs on the Santa Fe River.  It’s just a plan; the SRWMD has many stringent requirements.
We are still patiently waiting to hear news about SB 2080.
Received terrible news regarding SB 360.  Thank you for all your supportive phone calls and e-mails against this bill.   At times like these I am reminded of the city of Sarasota, FL (in which I lived for a better part of nine years of my life going to school, Ringling School of Art and Design, and working as an artist & art assistant for Jack Dowd).  In the early 1990’s the voters decided on whether or not to place a moratorium on new building.  It was a hotly contested issue on both sides.  In the end, the voters favored developing this amazingly beautiful town.  WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!  Sarasota was never the same and development now has a stronghold on the town.
Florida had a chance to recover from developer’s mistakes, but not with SB 360 signed into law by Governor Charlie Crist.  A man now running for State Senate.
Developing Florida needs something better than small rural communities bulldozed and built up.
Please read the important info. from 1000 Friends of Florida.  A very worthwhile DCA (Department of Community Affairs) meeting is coming up to help explain SB 360.
Thank you for everything you all do with regards to our environment.  Education will help us all understand where we can improve our living conditions and preserve our public natural resources for future generations.
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
President of OSFR

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