Links to Articles about Threats to our Water Sources


 Read these articles for more information about the threats to our water resources:

Put the public before the pirates, Ocala Star-Banner

 Groveland plans an April rally to drum up support in water war, Orlando Sentinel,0,2309985.story

 Ocklawaha River: Insult Upon Injury, The Ledger

 Who gets aquifer access?  Answer is telling,  Orlando Sentinel,0,838414.column

We think: Water managers’ efforts to feed development starve efforts to fight it, Orlando Sentinel,0,2551277.story

Central Florida politicians wearing blinders, Orlando Sentinel,0,1709812.column

We think:  The latest plans to address water demands is a nightmare, Orlando Sentinel,0,7995351.story

 Now is the time to protect Florida’s precious springs, Ocala Star-Banner

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