Local Commissioner Appointed to Water Policy Congress

September X, 2008

Cragin Mosteller

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 FAC Appoints Dixie County Commissioner Buddy Lamb to Century Commission’s Water Policy Congress

 Lamb’s leadership and expertise are critical in developing statewide water policy-

 LEON COUNTY – President of the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) and Suwannee County Commissioner Randy Hatch has appointed Dixie County Commissioner Buddy Lamb and eight other county commissioners from across the state to represent the FAC at the Century Commissions’ Water Policy Congress September 25-26 in Orlando, Florida.

 “Commissioner Lamb is one of the most talented and effective local leaders in the state and has become a recognized authority on water conservation and resource protection issues,” stated FAC President Hatch.  “The FAC delegates are the best commissioners to represent the state of Florida and Florida’s counties in this critical debate.”

 Commissioner Lamb is also the Vice-Chair of the Growth and Environmental Protection Policy Committee.

 According to the Century Commission, the 2008 Water Policy Congress will work to develop a comprehensive set of sustainable water use and supply action steps.  The Century Commission believes “a long-term water conservation, use and supply plan, for environmental, agricultural and public consumption purposes” is essential for a sustainable quality of life in Florida.

 “I am honored to have been selected to serve my county and my association as a delegate for the most important water resource policy discussion to date,” said Lamb, “I am thankful for this opportunity.”

 The mission of the FAC is “to preserve and promote democratic principles by working to keep appropriate authority at the level of government closest to the people, and to increase the capacity of Florida counties to effectively serve and represent the citizens of the state through legislative action, education of public officials, and enhancement of public awareness about the role and functions of county government.”

 Founded in 1929, the Florida Association of Counties is a non-profit association representing the diverse interests of Florida’s 67 counties.  Created in 1998, the Florida Association of Counties County Commissioners Voluntary Certification program has trained 196 county commissioners on the complexities of county government and public life.


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