Love at First Sight – Kristin Rubin

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kristinslove photo In: Love at First Sight - Kristin Rubin | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River in North Florida
“Love at First Sight” photo by Kristin Rubin.

I had only been on two other rivers prior to canoeing on the Santa Fe River, the Peace River and at Juniper Springs. I am always amazed at the wonder now when I get on any river, how incredibly different they are.

That November when we canoed on the Santa Fe River it was the beginning of winter and every Thanksgiving after I always take to the river as a celebration, even when everything is slowing down and resting there is so much beauty and it takes my breath away.

Today is dark and rainy, the river is swollen from the bounty of rainfall we have received this summer and it is beautiful.

I am sitting inside, the weeding and mulching event is postponed to a drier day and it is exquisite outside. We live in a state with so much sunshine and I cherish these overcast, wet days. My plants love the rainwater and I can read a book and gaze outside.

What is there not to love?

About the Photographer – Kristin Rubin – High Springs, FL

I’m originally from Coconut Grove, Miami, FL and on one of our Thanksgiving camping trips we came to O’Leno State Park and we canoed from the 441 bridge to the 47 bridge. We fell in love so much so we began house hunting the following February, staying in one of the homes we saw from the river and 5 months later purchasing the home next to it, a dream come true.

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