M-Cores Meeting No. 3

The third M-Core meeting for the Suncoast Connector Corridor met in Perry on Tues. December 17, 2019.  Many task force members do not want the roads for the right reasons, i.e., they are not needed, they will bring unwanted development, they will bring still more people, for which we already do not have water nor infrastructure.


Uncomfortable IFAS auditorium in Perry, panel on left


Public observes.




Merrillee chats with Thomas Hawkins, OSFR advisor, during a break.  He is a task force member.



75 % of the panel is employed by the state, as is the majority of the task force members.


Some do not want them for the wrong reasons, those being that they will bypass their town and take tourists somewhere else to spend their money.  A few want them thinking they will improve the economy.


Kristin Rubin addresses the task force.

A strong cadre of protesters, seated in the bleachers, made their wishes known with “No Build” and “Sham” cards, thanks to Cris Costello of Sierra Club who distributed them.

OSFR was well represented by  board members Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, Kristin Rubin and your historian, all of whom spoke against the roads.  Pressure from the state and DOT continues to be put on the task force members.  It’s obvious here that they are employing the low-level tactic of stuffing their speech and writings with positive-sounding words: “environment,” “sustainable,” minimum impact,” “protect,”, “conserve,” “aquifer,” “springs,” “mitigation,” etc., etc.   The ploy is that if you use enough of these words a long enough time, people will associate you with them.  This stupidity is a bit like the myth that “if it is in print, it must be true.”  Insulting, but it probably works to some extent.


It appears that the proposed routes are not yet decided, and also there seems to be no coordination or significant communication with Georgia regarding the point of contact where the Suncoast Connector may abruptly end at the Georgia line, which will connect a toll road to nowhere.  Wherever that may be.

Empty thinking by Galvano, who will wield his power, but carry on his shoulders the burden of pushing Florida further down into irreparable oblivion if his horrible idea is enacted.

Cris Costello of Sierra Club holds protest signs.

Most of the task force has yet to begin to think of the planet’s resources.  Except for Kent Wimmer,  spelled Winner.


Ready for the land fill.  Only a tiny fraction of plastic water bottles is recycled.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.

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it cannot be brought back © Jim Tatum