Madness & Mayhem Contained Until Next Year


2015 M & M tired but happy crew. Can you spot OSFR President Pam? Other OSFR members?


Sat. night was the final running of Little Red Riding Hood through the freezing forest, attempting to escape the werewolves, zombies and other nameless creatures.  Since we did not hear to the contrary, it seems that she may have survived and may still be alive.

M & M Pam-Sandy Hworking
Volunteer Sandy Hubbard and President Pam Smith

What is certain though, is the success of the Madness & Mayhem Haunted House, 2015.  Terry and Andy Phelan and Chris Scott worked incredibly hard to entertain the community and produce revenue for four charities, Our Santa Fe River, Plenty of Pit Bulls in Gainesville, High Springs Historical Society, and  Music and Arts Program for Youth.

The technical and imagination skills of Andy made all the crazy devices work, the design, graphic and decorative genius of Chris made fairyland seem (way too) real, and the  fantastic organizational skills of Terry held it all together even when the whole thing started to huff and puff and strike out on its own in every direction.

So thanks to all, and no less to the huge cast of volunteers, the Little Reds, butchers, the wolves, the zombies, the victims, townspeople, guides, greeters, prop operators, security, make-up artists, fantastic sound people, ticket takers, parking people, the Stilt Man, and all the others who made the whole thing work.

Delicious repast was provided by many, including True Blue Cafe, Great Outdoors, Subway,  David’s Real Pit BBQ, Grady House, the Diner. Pepperoni’s  and the generous volunteers themselves.



  1. Terry, a lot of them disappeared right afterward, do we blame the werewolves? I heard some howling and screams, and this was after the last group went through.

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