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Madness & Mayhem Continues Its Havoc & Carnage


Upwards of 200 prospective buyers toured the Haunt last night, Sat. Oct. 25, but as of yet, no takers.  Of the 200, it is not known how many survived.

David the Vampire about to make Chris join the group

One night remains, next  Friday, Oct. 31, a special day, and surely things will be brought to a halt, one way or another.  7:30 until 10:00 or, until the Haunt is sold.

Rhonda had no idea this would happen when she joined OSFR

Tickets are $10 and every penny goes to charity, so come out and visit Dracula and his Ghouls, the Stilt Man, the Demonic Organist, the Butcher,  Lab Experiments, Victims locked in the refrigerator and other  strange places, Death walking around, the Chain Saw specialist, Mad Surgeons, the Nursery, Spider Room, the Ambulatory Nun roaming the Graveyard, witches, various and sundry strange creatures, monsters or demons, even once a Wench, who strangely  and unfortunately disappeared after the first night.

Can you spot the multiple OSFR volunteers?

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