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President Merrillee & Merrill diligently working on car

Master builder Chris, with Jessica & Steve, discussing ceiling

Various volunteer groups were hard at work today getting ready for the big event in October.  Multiple volunteers from OSFR participated, with the honors of painting the 1962 Cadillac going to our president, since not every environmental group can boast an artist as their leader.

A small loose demon or something, seeking a dark room already




Props were gathered, paint, lumber and supplies were delivered, walls were constructed and covered with vinyl, and faux rock columns were built.

Head Honcho Andy with lots of help

The plans are intricate, elaborate and scary.  It will take nerves of steel to take the trip through this mansion without faltering, or embarassing yourself.    There are rumors of road hardened bikers being reduced to quivering pussycats when confronted with the horrors that await you within these dungeons.

Take the dare, but before that, come and join the fun in making this a horror show to remember.  Volunteer to build up some hours with your very own OSFR.  Email Andy or Terry at [email protected]t or call 386-454-8759.






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