Manatee County Commissioners Vote For Money

Workers fix a drill bit on a phosphate dredger at the Wingate Mine

Money won again in Manatee County.  WUSF News relates the following sad story:

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-


Mosaic Manatee Mine Expansion Approved

By Susan Giles Wantuck 3 hours ago

Steve Newborn / WUSF News

Phosphate giant Mosaic is going to get its expansion in Manatee County.

It took several weeks and hearings for Manatee Commissioners to decide on the Mosaic request to expand its Wingate mine in the eastern part of the county.  Before Wednesday’s vote, Commission Chairwoman Betsy Benac weighed in saying what commissioners did was not “a popularity contest.”

“You know, I don’t like mining, but they have property rights, but mining is a specific, and I know Commissioner (Robin) DiSabatino knows this because she’s a realtor, mining is a specific property right.”

In the end, commissioners voted to reject certain waivers in the master mining plan, but voted 5-2 to allow Mosaic to move forward.

One commissioner expressed concern over the safety of the watershed.  That includes the headwaters of the Myakka and Manatee rivers.

The Wingate East Mine, at 4,000 acres, would more than double to the current mine’s roughly 3,000 acres.

You can read a background story about the Wingate Mine HERE:

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