Martin County Wants No Fracking!

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Fracking Fighters Richard Silvestri, Nancy Silvestri, Karen Hudon and Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

In the heartland of natural gas, Florida Power & Light, energy companies, and yes, solar panels, Martin Co. commissioners gave a definite, resounding and loud “NO!” to fracking yesterday at their meeting.

Malwitz-Jipson speaks to Commissioners John Haddox, Sarah Heard, Chair Ed Fielding, Anne Scott, and Doug Smith

The vote was unanimous and unequivocal, with Palm City, and Indiantown (think FPL!) Commisioner John Haddox leading the way with the motion to sign a state-wide ban on fracking.

Martin County is the endpoint of the Sabal Trail fiasco, where their unneeded and fracked LNG will end up, to be stored and then sold to companies who will then sell it again, shipping it overseas to foreign countries.

Martin Co. near Indiantown

The Martin County solidarity is especially poignant and meaningful, given the strong presence of the fossil fuel industry there.  Thanks to the Floridians Against Fracking Coalition, counties and municipalities are jumping on the bandwagon, gaining strength, and making a statement which cannot be ignored by our lawmakers in Tallahassee.

Thanks go to our OSFR team, lead by Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, Richard and Nancy Silvestri, and Karen Hudon for presenting to the board.

Florida Power & Light, Martin County Florida


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