Meeting about Sabal Trail at Suwannee River State Park

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Sierra Club Logo bigThe Sierra Club is hosting a meeting for organizational, educational, and strategical planning to stop the Sabal trail pipeline in Florida, Georgia and Alabama – especially concerning the Karst-riddled route that has been chosen by Spectra |Energy (Sabal) and Florida Power & Light.  This meeting will include leaders and members from additional environmental groups and citizens from all over the state and at least one Suwannee County BOCC member has expressed interest in attending.

The address is: Suwannee River State park

3621 201st Path   in Live Oak, FL

The park is 15 miles west of Live Oak off Highway 90.

The meeting is at the park from 11 am until 1 pm, and  afterwards attendees will  walk the pipeline route at the state park to show those interested this route and the active sinkholes near the route that are readily visible.
This is a consortium of environmental groups who are calling on residents of Suwannee and surrounding counties as well as affected states to attend and work together to stop this threat to our sole source aquifer, rivers, springs and lives.
Here is Maryvonne’s message:

Please come to educate yourself about this pipeline that will transport liquid natural gas. It will affect yourself and your family. It will change the environmental make up of your county for years to come. It presents some dangers to the North Florida environment, to human health, and it is not a done deal!!!

Sierra Club is already part of a lawsuit in Georgia to oppose the Sabal Trail pipeline. Sierra Club also participates in a coalition named Spectrabusters. For more information about the Sabal Trail pipeline, go to  . Most of all Sierra Club has a major campaign to stop fossil fuel as a source of energy: Solar Energy is the renewable energy of choice.

We will decide on several actions to take to oppose this project.

See you at the Park on Saturday!

Maryvonne Devensky, Suwannee St Johns Sierra Club Chair

Cell 352-871-1606.Email: [email protected]

Thanks to  Debra Johnson and Maryvonne Devensky for providing this information


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