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Orange County wants 5.5 (MGD) million gallons daily from the St. John’s and Ocklawaha Rivers

 In less than two weeks, on April 13, 2009, the Governing Board of the St. Johns River Water Management District will vote on whether or not to issue the Yankee Lake permit that will allow Seminole County to begin to remove freshwater from the St. Johns River.   This permit is for 5.5 million gallons a day (MGD) and could eventually increase to 55 MGD. Other counties and utilities are watching this decision because they, too, want to remove hundreds of millions of gallons of water from the St. Johns and Ocklawaha Rivers to continue to grow at unsustainable rates.

Make no mistake, this is historic decision, and the Board needs to hear from those of us who love the St. Johns.  We want to send hundreds of emails to the board next week, and we will need you, your friends, and families to accomplish our goal.

 PLEASE forward this email to as many of your contacts as possible.  Click on the link below and/or go to our website,, where you can learn more about this issue, email the board members, and Governor Charlie Crist. 

 Make no mistake, this is an uphill battle. Despite the odds, we’re going to Palatka to fight for the future of the St. Johns. We need people to join us in Palatka on April 13th.  The meeting begins at 1:00 PM.   Seating will be limited; get there early  (See below). If you live in the Jacksonville area, we have charter bus to take us to Palatka.  Email me for reservations-write BUS in the message line.   

 Thank you for your help and support.  The St. Johns really needs us.  We must keep fighting to protect our rivers and springs. Their future, our future, depends on our efforts.

 Neil A. Armingeon

St. Johns Riverkeeper





On April 13th, the Governing Board of the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) will vote on a permit from Seminole County to withdraw an average of 5.5 million gallons of water a day (MGD) from the St. Johns River.  Seminole County’s Yankee Lake facility would eventually be able to withdraw up to 55 MGD

Act NOW!*

Put the Right to Clean Water Amendment on the 2022 ballot


This initial permit from Seminole County represents the beginning of an Alternative Water Supply (AWS) program that could eventually result in the withdrawal of over 260 million gallons of water a day (MGD) from the St. Johns and Ocklawaha.   

 This is not just about the future of the St. Johns and Ocklawaha.  This is a fight to protect all of our water resources in Florida – our aquifer, rivers, and springs

Here is how you can help:

 1)    Attend the SJRWMD Governing Board meeting in Palatka on Monday, April 13th   at 1:00 p.m. where they will decide the fate of the Seminole County water withdrawal permit.   St. Johns Riverkeeper will be providing bus transportation from Jacksonville to Palatka.

SJRWMD Headquarters

4049 Reid Street

Palatka, FL  32177


2)    Send an e-mail to the SJRWMD Governing Board members and Governor Charlie Crist and let them know that you oppose surface water withdrawals and support water conservation.


Click here to learn more and to send an e-mail today.


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