Christmas Spirit At Bradford County BOCC Meeting.

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bradford courthouse
Bradford Courthouse

Business goes on in Bradford County with many environmentalists in attendance, these being Kate Ellison, Carol, several others, and your historian.  Nothing new was expected on the mine, and nothing ensued.  Presence of the “opposition” (as we are deemed by county attorney) is a reminder to the proponents that we exist and have not forgotten.

It is likely that the staff meeting with Bradford County and the Onsite Environmental Consultants will take place in late January.  This will be a meeting to finalize the contract and will not be a public board meeting. Notwithstanding,  Attorney Will Sexton agreed tonight to inform us the  “opposiiton” beforehand, and will allow our reps to attend.  Likely Kate and Carol M.  We will keep you informed.       All this was after the meeting in informal conversation.

On a happy note, the Spirit of Christmas was present tonight at this meeting, which was appreciated by all.  This was  apparent by “donned gay apparel” by Commissioner Dougherty,  unexpected and astounding complements to your historian by Commissioner Durrance, occasional laughter, bordering on gaiety,  and so on.

Well, this happens but once a year.

Thanks to all the “opposition” who attended.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life: once taken, it cannot be brought back-


  1. And a special thanks to our awesome historian who attends so many of these meetings and keeps us perpetually informed as to all water and environmental matters. Thank you, Jim – you continue to earn the “golden gripper” every day!

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