Museum on Main Street – Water Ways 2016 July 16-Aug. 27 2016

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Coming to High Springs and hosted by the High Springs Historical Society, OSFR will participate in this exhibit.  The non-profit will present an OSFR (Florida) Springs Tie Dye Kitchen Towel Lesson and there will be an OSFR Photo Archive exhibition at the museum and at Rum 138 center gallery, 2070 SW CR 138.  The exhibit will be present from July 16 to August 27, 2016.  High Springs is one of only six cities in the State of Florida chosen to host this event.  Scroll

Museum on Main Street – Water Ways 2016
Hosted by
The High Springs Historical Society

Sponsored by
Florida Humanities Council
Smithsonian Institute

September 15, 2015
Kristina Young, Program Director
[email protected]

Museum on Main Street – Water Ways 2016”
arriving in High Springs, Florida
July 16 – August 27, 2016

Will you ever make it to the Smithsonian Institute in your life time? Maybe! Maybe Not!

 Arriving next summer and to be displayed at the High Springs Museum at 120 NW 2nd Avenue in High Springs Florida will be the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services (SITES) 2016 Water Ways Exhibit.

 While visiting the Smithsonian’s Water Matters Initiative on display at the museum, our community will have on display our own local water ways exhibit. Under the guidance and leadership of our many partners, it will be designed to share the usage, spirituality, sense of place, industry impact, physicality and history of our local water ways. Our museum is also working to preserve the “Railroad Center” and the creation of our City’s history from 1895 to 1948.

 The High Springs Historical Society will be partnering with individuals, businesses, schools, churches, organizations, parks, and government entities that will help showcase “Our Good Nature” and drive the success of these exhibits.

 Around the community, our partnering organizations will invite you to visit our natural resources; host educational programs and workshops; tour local parks and museums, canoe, tube, swim or cave dive at one of the local springs, caves or rivers; join in on art workshops or sit in and listen to one of our many educational presenters and guest speakers reminding us that “Water is such a critical resource and an essential component to life!”

 To partner, become a presenter, or want to volunteer with this exciting program contact Kristina Young, Program Director at 352-275-1260.

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