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These will go into our rivers, road ditches and landfill by the millions. Photo by Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson.

Write a postcard. And do it soon; our goal is that postcards arrive by their next meeting on February 9th.
FLOOD the Water Managers with Postcards

On Tuesday the Judge recommended approval of the Seven Springs/Nestle Consumptive Use Permit.
Administrative Law Judge Chisenhall rejected arguments made by the Suwannee River Water Management District and recommended that the District Governing Board approve the Seven Springs/Nestle Consumptive Use Permit. In his ruling, ALJ Chisenhall stated that Seven Springs could only bottle water at the adjacent High Springs bottling facility. If Seven Springs wishes to transport water to any other Nestle facility, including the bottling plant in Madison County, Seven Springs would need to apply for a permit modification.

The Seven Springs/Nestle consumptive use permit will now be considered by the SRWMD Governing Board.



SRWMD Board Members
9225 CR 49
Live Oak, FL 32060



Tell them to vote “NO” to the Seven Springs Water Company permit application for bottling water at Ginnie Springs on the Santa Fe River, FL.

Use the postcard text below or your own words, telling them to deny the permit.

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎Dear SRWMD Board Members, Include Your Address am a resident of -----۔Û” please deny the Seven Springs water permit, which will devastate both the environment and the communities of North Florida if approved. please heed the words of scientists, environmentalists, and your constituents. Do your part to protect Florida's waterways and the people that rely on them. SRWMD Board Members 9225 CR 49 Live Oak, FL 32060 Sincerely, Leave this space blank‎'‎

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  1. In solidarity! Our group “Un-bottle and Protect Chaffee County Water” in Colorado is also fighting a Nestle permit to suck and truck pristine water from Ruby Mountain Springs to be bottled in plastic. Nestle does not keep their promises! We urge a no vote! Un-bottle and Protect Ginnie Springs!

  2. I am a resident of Three Rivers in Fort White Florida. I moved my family here from New York State for the beauty and bounty of nature right in walking distance from my house. The rape by big corporations of our world famous springs is a disgrace. You may think the springs are forever and can not be sucked dry, but you are wrong. Please do not support the “money talks” psychology shared by the short sighted business men.

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