Nestle among world’s three greatest plastic polluters

nestle plastic In: Nestle among world's three greatest plastic polluters | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River

For the second year in a row Nestle has been among the top three plastic polluters in the world, and here they are at our back door wanting to renew a permit to pull over a million gallons of water a day from our springs.

They tout sustainability but degrade the earth with trash while pulling  water from the Santa Fe River which needs every drop to regain its former flow and clarity.

Keep Nestle out of our water.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life: once taken, it cannot be brought back-





We’ve just released the results of the second global #BreakFreeFromPlastic brand audit exposing Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo as the biggest plastic polluters in 2019. For all their talk of sustainable packaging, this marks the second year in a row that these corporations top the global polluter list.

editor 2019 10 23 In: Nestle among world's three greatest plastic polluters | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River

A huge thanks to all of you that took part in this year’s brand audit! We were part of seventy thousand people across six continents that cleaned up our neighborhoods and compiled data about the branded plastic we recovered from the environment.

For decades the major consumer brands have dominated the narrative around plastic pollution, but efforts like these are challenging their narrative. We’re creating a new story that holds companies responsible for the materials they use and the impact they have for life on our planet.

And it’s working. Journalists are covering our efforts and people power is driving groundbreaking plastics reduction legislation further than we thought possible.

We’ll continue to challenge the corporate narrative with our new documentary The Story of Plastic while advancing bold strategies to reduce plastic pollution. With the beverage giants topping the list for a second year running, we’ll be also be challenging their role in weakening bottle deposit legislation — a tool proven to cut down the leakage of plastic pollution.

In the meantime, take a peek at the Global Brand Audit Report to find out more about the results and sign up here if you’d like to stay in the loop about participating in the next brand audit.

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Sam Pearse
Campaigns Manager


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