Nestle Meets Resistance In Miami

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October 2008
Dear Merrillee,

Tell Nestlé:  Stop Being a Bully.   We’ve Made it Easy.  Contact Nestlé: Now

We were outraged when we found out about the bullying — and you will be, too.

Residents of Miami-Dade recently heard a public service announcement encouraging them to drink their tap water and reminding them that bottled water doesn’t go through the same stringent testing as tap water. It’s a good message — so good that it’s got corporate water baron Nestlé shooting off geysers.

Nestlé wrote to the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WaSD) and told them: CEASE AND DESIST with your advertising campaign. AND promise you’ll never do it again.

Nestlé just assured us in a public forum they aren’t competing with tap water. So why are they hitting a public utility with such strong arm tactics? Is the consumer backlash against the waste of bottled water draining their $46 billion water revenues? Are the community wins against the bottler’s fight to take control of community water making them nervous?

We hope so. Contact Nestlé and tell them to lay off their bullying. Tell them the consumers want to know the truth about bottled water waste and lack of controls on bottled water. Tell them consumers don’t want Nestlé and their lawyers trying to intimidate their public utilties. Tell Nestlé that utilities have a right to inform the public about their public resources and tell Nestlé you are taking back the tap and they should get out of the way so the rest of the public can, too.

Contact Nestlé: Now

Thank you for all you do. Together we can stop the bullying and protect our public water.


The Water Team
Food & Water Watch

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