New Environmental Website by High Springs Herald


NFNN (North Florida Nature News)

The High Springs Herald has created a forum for people to stay informed about the north Florida environment. The address is:  Local residents, environmental groups and even politicians are encouraged to sign-up so that they can begin sharing information. So many times, there are a ton of groups doing the same thing without knowing others are out there. This website can be a place for those groups to communicate. Some of the features of this site include the ability to start an individual group page and to hold a forum. There is also a place where upcoming meetings can be added. Even photos can be uploaded. Basically, the site is designed to be a one-stop place for people to find and give information on their local environment. The site is free, and the more people who join, the better the site will be at connecting people and events. Please feel free to contact Rachael Anne Ryals

(Herald reporter) at 386-454-1297 or at [email protected] with any questions.


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