New Repair Slated For Ichetucknee Headsprings Facility

Ichetucknee Headsprings photo by Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

The following announcement was issued by Mebane Corey-Ogden, Manager of Ichetucknee State Park:

After a year’s wait to fix the broken headspring wall, we are almost ready with the first stage of repair which will also ultimately include ADA, American Disabilities Act,  with access possibly starting as early as next week.

In a nutshell: The first item will be the removal of the broken wall segment. Temporarily, the sandbags already there will be used along with an additional amount be added to build up that area to control erosion/run-off…again a temporary situation. We have a final meeting Thursday with the engineers, construction company, and staff to go over the logistics of how to keep the visitor impact to a minimum, as the swimming area would need to be closed for a day or less while the machine removes the wall. All of the other items (permits, construction company, way to the area has already been accomplished.) The construction company has said they may be able to do this after park hours to keep impacts to a minimum.

That area will then be stabilized with a small concrete pad that will allow stairs in keeping with the existing wall design to be implemented for better access into the spring as well as being able to accommodate an ADA chairlift. (I don’t have a specific time line for that occurrence…..and NO, not Little River-ish!) That area will be joined to get people with mobility impairments from the picnic area to the spring area by an ADA wooden boardwalk where the old access road had been before. By working from that side of the spring, it allows for the broken wall to become part of the ADA and erosion solution instead of utilizing the other side of the springs which would be less aesthetically pleasing and much more intrusive overall.
Mebane Cory-Ogden
Park Manager,
Ichetucknee Springs/Troy Spring State Park
Florida Division of Recreation & Parks
Department of Environmental Protection
12087 S.W. U.S. 27
Fort White, FL 32038
(386) 497-4690 or (386) 438-9063
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