No New Mine Developments at Bradford BOCC Meeting

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Little new action at Bradford.

Brenda Thornton, Bradford County resident,  requested a public workshop, and requested a moratorium granting mine permits until the LDRs were revised to deal with mine permits.  Ms. Thornton also discussed the job possibilities which might be presented by the mine and recommended that other jobs could be generated that would not endanger the environment as would the mine operation.

Brenda Thornton addresses commissioners

Your OSFR historian also requested a moratorium on the issuing of permits, and did request a comment from the board regarding the letter from the Center for Biological Diversity.  The board chairman said no comment could be made, at which point your historian again asked the board to consider the options presented in that letter which would legally allow a moratorium to be declared and enacted, even though a permit is pending.

After the adjournment of the Sept. 6 commissioners meeting, a conversation with County Attorney  Will Sexton revealed that he had not received a copy of the Center’s letter, so yours truly sent him one later that day.  When asked, he could offer no comment about the letter, other than stating that he had received it and thanking us for it.   There has been no communication between him and the commissioners regarding the letter.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
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