Northern Neighbors Who Out-Manage Our Managers

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On Monday June 15 representatives of OSFR and sister organization Save Our Suwannee made the trip north to Douglas, Georgia to attend the meeting of the Suwannee Satilla Regional Water Planning Council.

The meeting was chaired by Scott Downing and executed by representatives of the Environmental Protection Division.  Approximately 4 environmental groups were present, including WAALS, but the majority of the board and public represented agriculture, forestry, city and county commissioners, and other water users.

The agency shares a common river with Florida as well as the near aquifer and interacts with both the St. Johns and Suwannee River water management districts.  Of note is the fact that the Suwannee Satilla Water Region has a moratorium on large water withdrawals.  The fact that Florida does not was not a part of the discussion today, but has been in previous council meetings according to our records.

This is of interest, as the area is heavily agriculture, and Florida would do well to take note, as OSFR has suggested so many times in the past.

John Quarterman of WAALS and Spectra Busters addresses Council




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