Northwest Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz faces fury over EPA elimination bill


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Northwest Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz faces fury over EPA elimination bill

More than two dozen Sierra Club members and supporters turned out to confront Congressman Matt Gaetz at at his Town Hall meeting in a Pensacola, Florida, bowling alley last Thursday for drafting a bill to abolish the EPA . They were part of a boisterous, infuriated crowd of 500 squeezed in between pool tables at Oops! Bowling Alley.

Speaker after speaker asked Gaetz to withdraw his EPA elimination bill and questioned why someone who represents Pensacola and Emerald Coast beaches, some of the country’s most pristine, would seek to dissolve the very agency that protects them.

One constituent, Professor Charlie Schuler,  gave a particularly eloquent , rousing speech:

Mr. Gaetz said if the EPA was abolished, its $8 billion budget would be “repatriated” to the Departments of Justice, Defense, and Agriculture triggering a chorus of boos from the audience.

“As long as I’m your member of Congress, I’m going to fight for the environment and against the EPA,” he said to another deafening round of boos.

Constituents held signs that read “Protect People not Polluters,” and “#SaveTheEPA.” and at times chanted, “E-P-A, E-P-A, E-P-A…”

The meeting, for which Gaetz arrived half-an-hour late, was terminated by the Congressman early.

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Gaetz had threatened to pull out these sign before the Bowling Alley Town Hall.
They were never used. Photo source CNN
Those who hunt and fish were not happy with Gaetz’s bill.

CNNE&E Greenwire and local print and TV covered Mr. Gaetz’s day’s worth of events:

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Residents protested against Gaetz’s bill to eliminate the EPA throughout the Day:

Photo:  Gregg Pachkowski/[email protected]
Pensacola News-Journal
Photo:  Gregg Pachkowski/[email protected] Pensacola News-Journal
Source: WUWF
Photo:  Gregg Pachkowski/[email protected] Pensacola News-Journal

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