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Kate Ellison speaks to the commissioners in a nearly empty room.

No mine on the agenda today in Starke,  as the commissioners met at their regular time and the LDRs consultant was not discussed.  It was said by staff that likely this may be at the next meeting.

Notwithstanding, some of the faithful were present to make sure nothing was slipped in at the end.  Kate Ellison and Jill McGuire were present, as was your historian.

With nothing much more to report, we have included our brief message to the commissioners this morning, who had heard it all before.

Bradford  Sept. 5, 2017

Jim Tatum 914 SW Riverland Ct., Fort White,    OSFR board member

I’ll be brief, you have heard it all before

You know the dangers, risks and consequences, of mining.

Accidents and sinkholes happen with phosphate mines.

Phosphate is not in short supply, new technology is using it much more efficiently, prices are down.

No new people would come to Bradford Co. many would leave.

You know that a mine would change forever your way of life in Bradford Co.

Heavy drawdowns from pumping water would drop the aquifer and ruin New River.

This mine company has proven they do not play by the rules.  They don’t even know where their own land is.

Property rights does not mean you are allowed to harm what is not your property  the air, the water, the river.

The mine company may sue, but you are the authorities in Bradford  Co.  Whoever is voted down in this issue will sue, so you must do what is right for the people, not four families.  If the mine sues, you have offers of help.  Alachua Co. has a big war chest.

Most of all, you know with certainty that the DEP and SRWMD will NOT protect Bradford Co. nor its residents.

You five commissioners are the ONLY people who can stop this.  You have the power of home rule, you were elected to reflect the voice of your constituents.

You have the support of the people of Bradford Co. and everyone who has a concern for the river and for the environment.

We all thank you.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life: once taken, it cannot be brought back-




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