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Our regular Board meeting will be a bit different this month.  The Florida Springs Institute is premiering their new film “Clear Water Clean Water” from 6 to 6:30 at their facility at 99 First Avenue in High Springs, and we urge you all to come to a 5:30 beer and wine gathering and then view the film.  Our board meeting will take place at FSI approximately ten minutes after the film is over, or about 6:40.

To add to the fun, our guest will be advisor John Moran, who will introduce his new and fascinating Burma Shave billboard project, and will be hosting a brain trust jingle writing session at the conclusion of the business part of our meeting.

I will be sending out agendas and minutes to the board members and advisors in a subsequent email later this week, but attached here please see a preview of what John Moran will be presenting.

Hope to see you all there!


Mike Roth, President
Our Santa Fe River Inc.

John Moran of the Springs Eternal Project and Florida Springs Council will attend the Our Santa Fe River board meeting on Wednesday, June 27th to make the pitch for OSFR to get on board the Burma Shave train.

John will be available to answer questions and will present other jingles and billboard graphics. Your suggestions are welcome—both for jingle and graphical billboard content, as well as potential sign installation locations in the Santa Fe springshed—so please bring your ideas to the meeting.

FYI, John is working with or preparing proposal submissions for other springs organizations, and the Florida Springs Council will soon be doing the same in an attempt to put some legs on this campaign.

Feel free to call or email John directly with questions, comments or suggestions, before or after the meeting: JohnMoranPhoto@gmail.com, or 352.514.7670.

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