OSFR & Current Problems River Clean Up

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Rhonda Long, sometime mermaid and always OSFR Stewardship Chair, has sent the following info for our river cleanup.  This is combined with Sandy Hubbard’s monthly paddle with the official OSFR Paddle Club outing.  All participatory with Current Problems’ Suwannee River basin yearly cleanup.


OSFR & Current Problems River Clean Up

Spring In River Peeps! Join Mermaid of July, Our Santa Fe River & Current Problems for our 2nd Annual * Santa Fe River Clean Up! *

Saturday, September 24th @10 am

Sat Sep 24, 2016 10am – 2pm Eastern Time
Beginning at HWY 27 ending at Rum Island
Bring your boats! Bring your gloves!
Shuttling assistance? Need more info? -Contact me! I will be coordinating – Rhonda 321 505 3228 -*-*Invite Your Friends!-*-*- – – –

Need a Boat? Rum 138 will give special price for rental/drop-off/pick up, call for info – 386 454 4247#WaterMatters!

visit: www.OurSantaFeRiver.org

Splash! Rhonda Long Our Santa Fe River Stewardship Chair (321) 505-3228mermaidspring@gmail.com

“Give Our River A Voice”



  1. We go out in the Suwannee for a ride and always pick up trash. I don’t understand how people come to such a beautiful place and leave their trash, all you have to do is bring a trash bag with you! I can understand a stray flip flop, but it’s almost like they dump their trash before heading home.

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