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Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Addresses Legislators in Cross City

OSFR had a busy day on Tuesday with trips to three different venues for Legislative delegation meetings to represent our organization  before our lawmakers.  First in order was Lafayette County in Mayo with Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz Jipson who spoke to Senator Charlie Dean and Representative Halsey Beshears of concerns about fracking, springs and rivers, Sabal Trail and sustainable solar power.

She was joined in Cross City by the OSFR historian, where both spoke to Senator Dean and Representative Keith Perry.  Since the audience was composed largely of elected county officials, this was an excellent opportunity not only to request favorable legislation from the lawmakers, but also provide information to an audience in some position of influence who likely had little knowledge of fracking and its dangers.  It was noted that while Merrillee was speaking, a lady in the audience Googled “fracking” on her smart phone and was reading about it.

After the Cross City meeting, it was on to Trenton in Gilchrist County to repeat the process.   Again, both OSFR members went on the record to request Dean and Perry’s support for SB 166 recently filed by Senators Soto and Bullard, which calls for a state-wide ban on fracking, and to request that they oppose any legislation which purports to regulate fracking but which actually legitimizes it.

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Policy Director Malwitz-Jipson Addresses Legislators in Trenton



  1. I attended 3 Delegation meeting on Tues in Gilchrist, Dixie and Lafayette Counties and 1 meeting in Columbia County on Wed. I asked Senator Dean, Representative Beshears, Representative Perry and Representative Porter to support a statewide ban on fracking and vote for Sen. Soto and Sen. Bullard’s SB 166 and sponsor a ban fracking bill.
    They listened.
    Beshears wanted us to consider Senator Ring’s idea of a Constitutional Amendment Referendum, however, we have and the Floridians Against Fracking Coalition feels that it is too expensive (a few million $$ to pull that off) and divisive (requires educating every single voter in the state, which takes years) to our mission to ban fracking by a bill at this moment in time.
    Perry likes cheap gas in his vehicle.
    Dean knows fracking would be bad for FL, he has seen the oil wells in Collier County and has shocked! I think he might be persuaded to be of more help to us as he is seeing a lot of talk and information about this issue in FL. Please contact Senator Dean’s office for support on a ban on fracking bill. Neither Rep. Beshears nor Sen. Dean like that the Sen. Richter and Rep. Rodrigues Pro-Frack bills will preempt local rule and take the power away from the local municipalities to govern their own lands within their communities.

    These conversations were held after or before the time I had at the podium. Kinda small talk, if you will.

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