OSFR Meeting for Springs Protection Legislation

Hello Everyone,

We’ve been told that the SRWMD will begin the process of revocation, this month, on the CUP (water bottling permit) from Blue Springs Properties. The next SRWMD Board meeting on Tuesday, March 10 in Live Oak should cinch this one up for good. Or at least, until they re-apply. Blue has said they are speculating to re-apply in 2 years when the Gilchrist County Commission turns over with new people who might be sympathetic to their business pleas. We will be there then too.
We are still watching Santa Fe Springs, LLC (Sawdust Springs) owned by Mr. Stephen Cheeseman. This one is located on CR 138 in Columbia County and plans to withdraw 150,000 gallons daily.

Please see Pipeline story below and send comments to addresses given (their meeting is tomorrow!!). We must stop this one with as much enthusiasm as we stopped the new bottling plants here. This will have an impact all over the state if accepted. Conservation, conservation, conservation.

For all those interested in creating language for Springs Legislation in Florida we have made a meeting time and place for you.
Our Santa Fe River, Inc.
will host a public meeting
for Springs Protection Legislation

The meeting will be held at the High Springs Library (in High Springs, FL)
Friday, February 27 @ 2 pm

We will have WiFi access with Skype capabilities for those who would like to be online for this meeting. Please let me know in advance if you would like to included via Skype, as we have limited space.

Please review the following Springs Bills in advance:

The Constantine Springs Bill

SB 0274 The Boyd Water Resources Bill
HB 593:

The Argenziano Springs Bill:
SB 2636:  http://www.flsenate.gov/data/session/2006/Senate/bills/billtext/pdf/s2538.pdf


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