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Hi Merrillee,

You’re invited to participate in choosing the 2009 Florida Forever calendar cover shot. I, along with 11 other photographers, worked with the Legacy Institute for Nature and Culture (LINC), to put this calendar together. We’re spreading Florida’s conservation message by highlighting one of the nation’s most successful land acquisition programs – Florida Forever. LINC’s 2009 Florida Forever calendar puts 12 of Florida’s most critical landscapes in the limelight. These 12 landscapes are part of Florida Forever’s top priorities. The more people know about them, the more people realize how important Florida Forever is to the future of this beautiful state. The $1.8 billion Florida Forever program has acquired for preservation more than half a million acres as of December 2006. Every day Florida looses more rural and natural landscapes to development, so the more we protect now the more the next generation has to play in, learn from, and appreciate. To choose what you think should go on the cover, click on the link below:


I hope you participate. It takes only a few minutes, and we thought you might enjoy playing a role in conservation. The calendar goes on sale this fall. I will email you at that time about ordering copies.

This is my first update in several months (since November 07!). Well, the last 10 months produced a lot of stories, making for a fall season jam packed with updates. You’ll be hearing more in the coming weeks of my travels and adventures, struggles and successes.

All my best,

Eric Zamora

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